8 Reasons to Eat Raw Foods Every Day

Raw food diet has become increasingly popular these days. While winter isn’t the best time to start eating raw, summer is the perfect time to do it. In summer, fruit and vegetables are plentiful, organic, cheap and tasty. Many people eat raw to lose weight, keep it off or simply to improve overall health. Whether you stick to a semi-raw or raw food diet, you reap all its health benefits while enjoying delicious food. Though I don’t promote 100% raw food diet, I do promote semi-raw food diet that will give your body all nutrients it needs in terms of nutrition and energy. Here’s why you should start eating raw foods today:

1 Reduce your risk of cancer

You can significantly reduce your risk of cancer by incorporating more raw foods into your daily eating plan. Raw foods are higher in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and lower in toxins than cooked foods. Cooking foods can produce toxic carcinogens that can lead to different types of cancer and many other diseases.