6 Crucial Reasons to Hire a Doula

Whether you are planning a hospital, birth center, or home birth, a doula is an inexpensive and easy way to help ensure that your birth plan is followed. Here are six different ways a doula can make your birth a more fulfilling experience:

1 You need an advocate

Whether your birth is being assisted by a midwife or a doctor, medical professionals are looking out for more than just you. Both midwives and doctors, because they perform medical procedures, can be sued for malpractice.

More and more birth attendants today practice “defensive medicine,” using additional monitoring or interventions in order to minimize the risk of a lawsuit – even if the intervention is more dangerous than not using it.

Your doula is responsible not to the hospital or a malpractice insurer, but to you. Because of this, doulas can be more responsive to your needs and provide you with a voice when you are unable to communicate effectively with doctors, midwives, or nurses.

2 Avoiding the scalpel

Having a doula present lowers the caesarean section rate and the episiotomy rate substantially. Some doctors perform episiotomies without permission, or even after a woman has stated she does not want one. A doula can help make sure your wishes are clearly expressed, and repeated studies have shown that the presence of a doula makes it much less likely that you will be cut during birth.

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3 Husband help

While most husbands today spend labor and delivery in the birthing suite, not all men are fully prepared to see their wives in pain. Doulas are trained in how to help expectant fathers be supportive and kind during a birth.

In some situations, husbands’ best efforts to comfort their wives during labor can turn into women feeling like their birth has been sabotaged, especially if their husband keeps encouraging them to have unwanted pain medication or other interventions.

Your doula can have a detailed discussion of these interventions and your birth plan in front of your husband before your labor begins. And if he tries to get you to deviate from the plan, a doula can talk to him about supporting your needs and desires.

Having a doula in the delivery room can make a big difference to your relationship – keep in mind that you will remember the day your baby is born for the rest of your life, and you do not want to have a marital argument in those memories.

4 Making your birth plan

While some moms go into their pregnancy with strong opinions about how they want their birth to go, others may have no idea what they want their birth plan to look like. Doulas are trained to understand a number of medical options, and can present you with the pros and cons of any interventions you may be interested in.

You can also ask a doula for recommendations about a hospital, doctor, or midwife. Some hospitals, for instance, may not allow vaginal births after caesareans, or may be known for violating women’s birth plans. Understanding your options can make it much easier to feel confident in your decisions, and that confidence can translate to a more assertive attitude during birth.

5 Breastfeeding help

Women who use doulas have a better chance of successfully breastfeeding and continuing their breastfeeding relationship for a longer time. In addition to being trained in the birth process, doulas have received an education in the basics of breastfeeding, and can help you get your newborn latched and feeding.

Breastfeeding is not always easy, and learning good technique when you start feeding is critical to having a good milk supply and a well-fed baby. Hiring a doula is often substantially less expensive than hiring a certified lactation consultant. If you only need to learn the basics, a doula could save you hundreds of dollars in formula expenses.

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6 Help at home

Not all doulas are birth doulas. Postpartum doulas reduce the incidence of postpartum depression in new mothers by helping them adjust to the new routines of caring for a newborn. First time mothers and mothers who are having a multiple birth may find the services of a postpartum doula particularly useful, as these moms often find themselves overwhelmed in the days and weeks after giving birth.

Postpartum doulas can help not only with childcare responsibilities, but also with “mothering” the new mother. Massage, chores, and help with personal care routines like showering and hairbrushing are all offered by postpartum doulas.

Women who have had a caesarean section are not allowed to carry anything heavier than ten pounds, and this makes having a postpartum doula even more valuable for help with day to day tasks.