5 Undeniable Reasons to Use Menstrual Cups

Apr 14, 2016

Be it a curse or a blessing, women have to deal with their menstrual flows whether they want it or not. When the pad and tampon were invented, women were incredibly happy and thought those were the best inventions ever. A few years ago inventors surprised us once again. They invented menstrual cups, known as the Diva Cup, that are cheaper than the pads and tampons and are eco-friendly. The menstrual cup can be used for as long as eight years, of course, if you store and clean it correctly. This means saving money and reducing environmental waste.

Call it an ad. Call it a trend. However, I can argue, as a woman, I want to try all of the possible feminine hygiene products to make my lady time easier and more comfortable. It turned out, menstrual cups make more and more women ditch their pads and tampons these days. Regardless of all the benefits menstrual cups boast, they have a bad rap and typically because of women who’ve never tried them. Truth be told, using menstrual cups isn’t for ladies who vomit or faint at the sight of blood. Well, the first time you try to use a menstrual cup might be hard, but once you find out some of the best reasons to switch to the menstrual cup, you may want to give it a try.

1 No mess

Maybe you will touch your own blood a few times when reinserting the menstrual cup, but it’s not the end of the world. You wash your hands when you change the pads or tampons so you will wash your hands after reinserting the cup too. Is it a big problem? Unlike the pads and tampons, menstrual cups are easy to use and they create less mess. All you have to do is to insert the cup, and rinse it out and insert again every 8-10 hours, depending on how heavy your periods are. You don’t have to worry about finding a trash can. No mess. No trash.

2 Save the planet

Have you ever thought about how many pads and tampons women throw away each day? It’s good if they throw the tampons away in a trash can. But not all of us are so eco-friendly. Women throw their tampons and pads away in the parks, forests, lakes and seas. According to ‘Flow: The Cultural History of Menstruation’, a woman throws away around 250 to 300 pounds of “pads, plugs, and applicators” in her lifetime. When you use menstrual cups, which can be used at least eight years, you save the planet and reduce environmental waste.

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3 No harmful chemicals

Most tampons and pads contain chemicals that can cause a rare yet serious diseases called toxic shock syndrome. Synthetic fibers of most tampons, including cotton tampons that are considered to be bacteria-free, harbor and produce toxins absorbed by vaginal mucous. The tampons can also contain dioxins – toxins that are particularly harmful when absorbed and ingested. I don’t want to scare you and tell you that all tampons and pads are bad, but these are facts. I’d been using tampons for over 15 years so thankfully I’m alive and healthy, which means you can still use your favorite menstrual product.

Unlike other feminine hygiene products, menstrual cups don’t contain harmful chemicals. Even though some women don’t think that putting plastic in the body is safe, the researchers prove the contrary. Menstrual cups are typically made of medical grade silicon that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that the pads and tampons have.

4 No leaking

Unless you go with the menstrual cup 2 days or you have heavy flows, you can forget about leakage, bloody underwear, jeans and sheets. With the cup, your sheets, pants and underwear will always be clean. The cup creates a seal in the vagina, protecting you against blood during your red week. It may feel uncomfortable to wear the menstrual cup for the first time, but you won’t feel it in a few days. Menstrual cups are perfect for long meetings, traveling and picnics.

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5 Save cash

Every year, the average woman spends up to $100 on feminine hygiene products. Tampons and pads aren’t cheap anymore, and those that are seemingly cheap are of poor quality. Menstrual cups might not be cheap for you – the average price is $30-$40 – but one cup will last for years. As I mentioned above, if you store and clean it correctly, you can use it for eight years. Do you see the difference?

The menstrual cup is perfect for all activities, not to mention that it’s safer and more comfortable than tampons and pads. It’s not the best menstrual product, but still it has many positive benefits. If you are sick and tired of tampons or you are looking for a better protection during your red week, give a menstrual cup a try and let us know about your experience.