8 Reasons a Woman Who Praises Herself Scares Others

All women are unique. We can be beautiful, smart, elegant, tender, powerful and brave at the same time. There are numerous achievements of a weaker sex in the world`s history. We make a huge positive impact on today’s society and on the world in general. However, it`s supposed to be bad when a woman feels successful and happy and furthermore isn`t afraid to declare about it. Society often judges girls who praise themselves as most people find such a behavior enormously strange. You can find out why it happens so and it`ll let you see that in fact it`s actually an irreplaceable characteristic of every happy girl`s world view…

1 She never cries over a man

When you were a child your mother probably used to tell you that only a boy should make efforts to win your heart but not vise versa. It`s actually the truth but most girls forget it when they grow up. But it’s not about women who praise themselves. They never forget this rule and it lets them feel more freedom in a relationship. Guys partly take our freedom away in various aspects but these wise women can easily avoid such pitiful circumstances without hurting their own feelings.

A woman who praises herself knows her worth and is always sure that she deserves a man who`d make efforts to win her heart. Her so-called “self-praise” makes her feel confident. She believes that crying over a man is just a waste of her precious time.

2 She is different

Do you know what fear is indeed? Almost every child suffers from a nyctophobia. It happens so because darkness is something we can`t understand as it hides something we can`t see. People are afraid of anything new and unknown. It`s one of the reasons why confident women scare others. Society isn`t used to the fact that a woman can freely praise herself. Therefore, we`re afraid of this unfamiliar declaration of others` personal success despite all its fairness.

3 She doesn’t ignore her success

Most of us try to be modest and think that praising your own success is selfish and inappropriate. No way! You`ll never be able to get the most out of life if you ignore personal achievements. Nothing bad will happen if you accept all good job you do and say that to everyone. Even though you`ll scare people, they still won`t even try to judge you for being successful. Admire your personal success no matter what others say.

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4 She makes society praise her

While everyone is used to feeling pity for a weaker sex, women of this type want to be praised and get a deserved recognition that actually shocks our society. They know what treatment they deserve and they demand respect from others. They keep praising themselves and gradually make everyone around praise them as well. People have no other choice as she can show them how cool she is indeed, which is absolutely true.

5 She doesn’t ask for rescue

Modern world welcomes girls who show their weaknesses, fears and helplessness. And the majority of them do it in order to find love. Women who praise themselves don`t ask for rescue as they know they`re powerful enough to get whatever they want and cope with any danger or problem they may encounter. You can get a great inspiration after even a small talk with one of these women thanks to their unusual yet useful self-confidence.

6 She’s the only one who creates her individuality

She creates her pedestal herself and this way she becomes the only one who can destroy it. There`s no chance to influence on something you have no access to, is there? This characteristic is another trait that scares others. An ordinary woman habitually supposes to have all rights and power to influence on other girls without any problems. For example, mentioning about today’s unlucky makeup of your girlfriend will spoil her mood for a long time. But try to say the same to a woman who praises herself and it`ll be ignored, turned into a joke or simply accepted without negative changes of her mood. In a word, she doesn`t care about what you think and talk about her.

7 She builds her self-esteem

Typically, our self-esteem depends on other people’s opinions. When people praise us too much, we have a high self-esteem and when others neglect us we literally hate ourselves. A woman who praises herself builds her self-esteem without anyone’s help. She never asks anyone for permission to smile even if people don`t support her.

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8 She avoids negative words

Everything we say always causes materialization. When women who love themselves talk positively about themselves, they instantly attract positivity and success. Even though it may sound strange but society becomes more and more afraid of positivity in everything – words, thoughts and actions. If you want to reach a goal – say “I will achieve it no matter what” and mean it. Negative words breed negativity so do yourself a favor, remove negative words from your vocabulary.

As you can see, there are so many positive traits and habits of women who praise themselves that actually scare others. We`re afraid of everything unknown and this fear takes so much happiness out of our life. Get rid of it and you`ll see great results in no time. You can at least try to accept and praise yourself the way you are as since you`re reading this, you probably don`t have such an essential habit yet. Create your own positive attitude towards your own self and everything you do. There`s no need to follow other people’s examples of what to do with life. Do you still think that praising yourself is something negative and scaring?