How to Recognize If You Are Being Abused at Work

Mar 10, 2017

Over the past few months, a quote has been tumbling around in my mind whilst working in a hostile environment that made me feel unworthy, insecure, and insignificant: “Know your worth and then add tax.” Unfortunately, despite how we wish we could just leave our murderous jobs at the drop of a hat, bills need to be paid.

Thus, despite my usual sense of independence and self-worth, I had to endure the subtle and transparent abuse that was starting to burst at the seams to a full-on bright colored canvas that would make Andy Warhol green with envy.

The thing is, employees that are abused at work – whether emotionally or physically are not always these timid, weak, and withdrawn people. They might be the bright, strong, social and ethical person that ignites all those around him or her, but that are targeted because of these qualities.

It is important to be able to recognize when you are being abused at work – whether it be subtle or apparent. Here are a few signs that will enable you to see if you are experiencing abuse at work:

1 Deceit

Constantly lying and concealing the truth, perhaps deceiving others to get his or her way and the one that causes such copious and detrimental amount of stress. Creating false hopes with no intentions to keep their promises.

2 Alienation

This is when the person in charge starts to intentionally exclude you from meetings and work-related events, as well as decisions, thus making the person feel socially and physically awkward and alienated.

3 Minimization

This is when the employer diminishes and belittles your legitimate concerns, inquiries, and feelings. Despite how much you bring to the table, you never feel good enough for a moment of his or her time.

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4 Seduction

This is not always in a flirtatious and or sexual way, this could be when the employer overly flatters and compliment you in order to get you to let your defenses down and trust them – making you the perfect guinea pig for emotional manipulation.

5 Aggression

Disrespecting the employee by screaming at him or her, exhibiting anger verbally or even non-verbally, such as hitting the wall, throwing things around or even physically shaking the employee.

6 Threats

Threatening the employee with unwanted and unwarranted punishment, termination and or physical, emotional and psychological abuse. This can include offensive communication such as demeaning conversations and instructions, profanity and harassment.

Blocking of growth

This one can break you down mentally and emotionally and leave you feeling as if you are stranded in the blazing Sahara Desert with no hope to find shade and water. We all want to grow and succeed and not having that opportunity can bring a sense of worthlessness and depression that is hard to recover from.

These are only a few ways in which you could be taken advantage of. However, it does not have to end there. Fortunately, there are systems in place to protect you and ensure that justice is served. Nevertheless, it is up to you to stand up and say enough is enough.

Challenge your beliefs regarding work-place abuse, learn about the different type of bullies and the psychology behind them, do research on all the different ways you can protect yourself, and then decide to take action.

We spend most of our time at work, it is fundamental that the environment is safe, calm and open to your prosperity and growth. You need to know your worth and refuse to settle for anything less than the best – you deserve it, the world deserves it.

You should never be discouraged by criticism, especially from bullies. You have got to do your own thing and do it passionately, and with purpose. Yes, they might not be happy, in fact, they might just be scared to death when they see you breaking out of your shell and emerging as a lion or lioness.

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Yet, do not let that stop you – in fact, let that be your driving force behind taking control of this abusive situation. Take ownership, take a chance, and let go of that which only drags you down and breaks you apart.

Remember magic and miracles happen when you choose to believe in yourself and not give up, despite how much you are tempted to fall flat with the beatings of insecurity and doubt. Be stubborn and “Know your worth.”

Do not forget to add the tax. You darling, are worth it.