7 Signs Your Male Friend Is Actually Not a Friend

Although modern society holds the opinion that men and women are unable to maintain a healthy friendship, many of them build relationships and wholeheartedly believe that this social opinion is nothing else, but a myth or misconception.

Unfortunately, some men pretend to be friends with women, but their intentions are not always pure and honest. Some of them use friendship to win women’s trust and then transform friendship into something more serious. Read on and you will understand whether your male friend is into you or he is just an excessively caring person.

1 Help

If your male friend is always ready to help you with everything you ask, he is a kind-hearted gentleman. But if he is ready to make constant sacrifices for the sake of your comfort, security, and well-being, then he certainly wants to impress you and win your affection.

Real male friend will not pay a lot of attention to you and your life problems because they are busy doing their own things. A fake friend will give you special care, attention and helping hand even if you do not need it.

2 Shopping

Men and women roaming through shopping centers are two completely incompatible things. They can sacrifice themselves for you and go to the shopping center together, but they do not enjoy this activity because it is against their nature.

If your male friend agrees to go to the shopping mall with you readily, it means this guy has got a thing for you. Real male friends go shopping together only when they have time, energy and good mood. Your admirer will find it difficult to say no because he fears to lose your affection and wants to look like a gentleman in your eyes.

3 Gossiping about other men

You can discuss your men both with your real friend and a fake one. The only difference is that your fake friend will always take your side, no matter whether you are in the right or not.

He will do his best to bring all your dates into discredit and prove that all men are bad except him. Real male friend will always tell you the truth. If you are selfish, your friend will certainly let you know, because honesty, sincerity and decency are the basic elements of friendship.

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4 Drinking alcohol

Alcohol is a magic thing that can open your eyes to many interesting things and help you understand who is who. If your male friend is an imposter, then the alcohol will loosen his tongue.

He starts giving you delicate compliments and telling that you are the pearl of beauty. The other moment he tells you about his challenging life and makes you feel sentimental. Instead of thinking how to get out of the friend zone and turn you from a friend into a girlfriend, your real friend will have a glass or two, relax, start cracking jokes and having fun.

5 Communication

Real male friends usually do not pay considerable attention to the frequency and quality of communication with you. When they want to talk to you, they simply call or chat online.

But a secret admirer hidden under the mask of friendship will dedicate all his free time to you and initiate as many personal meetings as possible because you are the focus of his attention, and excessive care is a part of his strategy.

6 Gifts

True male friends usually do not care about gifts. They often present female friends with funny, inexpensive and small token gifts. But secret admirers, who pretend to be your friends, often give impressive and generous gifts, because they believe that this is the correct path to a woman’s heart.

They do it to show their affection and prove themselves as successful, honorable and generous men. Real friends present inexpensive gifts because they are not interested in dating you, and they understand that expensive gifts oblige people to reciprocate.

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7 Apologies

Every person has the right to make a mistake. Sometimes male friends forget to live up to the promises they make and hurt female friends with careless words or jokes. But these mistakes can open your eyes, give you sign and help you spot the difference between a true male friend and a fake one.

Everything depends on the reaction of your male friend to the offense. A real friend will apologize and forget about it. But a fake male friend will start repenting as if they did something terrible.

I hope these pieces of advice will help you check out the authenticity of your friendship and make a right choice. What other signs can help us spot a fake male friend?