5 Lovely Texts to Send Him in the Morning

Oct 5, 2016

We all appreciate our guys, the things they do for us, the times they bail us out with car troubles, and the handy knowledge they possess. We are thankful to have them and our lives are enhanced by their presence. However, do we always do enough to let them know just how much we think about them?

When you are in the throes of a new relationship and you still feel butterflies at just the mention of his name, it is not hard to let him know that he has a prominent place in your life. As time goes on and the butterflies calm a bit we can have a tendency (just as they do) to begin taking our guys for granted.

That can be a bit dangerous as no one likes to feel underappreciated and it may be all too easy for someone else to make him feel special. However, there are a few special things you can do to let him know that you are thinking of him (often) and you appreciate and love everything he does for you. Here are five truly meaningful morning texts to send him each day:

1 “Hope you will have a great day”

It lets him know that he is on your mind at the first. Even if you are up and hitting the grind before he is, he will know from your text that you have him on your mind as the day rolls out.

2 “3 things I love about you…”

This is not meant to be a journal entry or a monolog. Just three simple things. You can mention his laugh, his smile, his derriere, his drive, his kindness. Whatever it is can take less than 100 characters and get the meaning across, plus it should make him smile.

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3 “You make me smile when…”

This one can be as innocent or as spicy as you want to make it. It could be that he makes you smile when he calls you a pet name, when he snuggles your children, when he holds the door open for a random stranger, you name it.

4 “I want you to know…”

What do you want him to know that you do not say often enough? Do you want to tell him that he is a great father, a great lover, a fantastic best friend? Do you want him to know that you are thinking about him right now?

Or, maybe you want him to know what you are wearing… You decide and then hit “send.” (Just make sure you do not send a hot little text to say, your mom, by accident). This is one the most meaningful morning texts to send him.

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5 “I appreciate…”

Tell him what you take for granted. Does he routinely make sure your car is road ready? Does he give you back or foot massages? Does he allow you to be a stay at home mama?

Does he speak only kindly of you to others? Does he tell you how beautiful you are, even in your yoga pants and makeup-free face? Let him know whatever it is that you appreciate.

Even just hearing from you a time or two throughout the day should help him know that no matter how crazy this life we all lead is, you are thinking of him and he is so very important to you. What are the morning texts you send your significant other each day?