6 Things to Avoid Doing in the Leap Year

Having one extra day in a year sounds exciting. However, it also means that many people will work one day for free and your February bills might be a bit higher than you expect. Moreover, in many cultures people believe that a leap year is not successful and can provoke illness and even death in family.

In truth, I do not believe in that, albeit one leap year brought 3 deaths into my life: my grandma, my grandpa and my friend passed away. But I don’t think it was somehow connected with the leap year. Anyway, if you are looking to enjoy February 29 and want to avoid problems until December 31, try to avoid doing these 6 things this year, unless it is really important to you.

1 Get married

May, Friday 13 and leap years are not the best times for tying the knot. It is believed that people who get married in May, spend their marriage lives suffering from constant misfortunes. The reason people rarely dream of a Friday 13 wedding is obvious too.

In most countries of Europe most couples avoid getting married in a leap year since they believe the marriage will not be successful. According to a number of studies and statistics, the leap year marriages are much more miserable than ordinary marriages. So choice is yours.

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2 Buy a house or a car

Leap year, doom year. This is an Italian proverb that is renowned in many countries worldwide. If you are going to buy a new house, it is better to do it the next year. If you urgently need a house, make sure you choose it carefully. The same goes for cars. Maybe it is a superstition, but a leap year is actually a bad time for big purchases.

3 Propose

Leap year, precisely leap day, is believed to be the only time when a woman can propose. If you are not ready for this, do not do it on February 29. Gone are the days when women were not allowed to propose. Today, a woman has the right to propose any time of the year. Bye bye stereotypes!

4 Celebrate your birthday earlier

If you are one of leapers, you celebrate your birthday either on February 28 or March 1. Or, do not celebrate it at all. This year, you must celebrate your birthday on February 29 only. Otherwise, something bad might happen this year. Again, this is another superstition, but it is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Just imagine how lucky you are to have a birthday on a leap day. The chance of being born on February 29 is one in 1,461. Amazing. You are one of 5 million leaplings around the world. Congratulations!

5 Change jobs

Many people from different countries of the world claim that changing job in a leap year is a bad luck. Well, I personally don’t think so, because I quit my dead-end job and find a much better one in 2012 (that was a leap year too) and it was a good luck. I’m still satisfied with my current job. If you are not afraid to take risks, feel free to change your job. If not, wait for 2017.

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6 Conceive

They say, children born or conceived in a leap year are hard to raise. Moreover, they are prone to unknown and serious diseases, and overall unlucky. Unfortunately, I do not have anyone born in a leap year so I cannot state that they have bad tempers or suffer from disease. But if you are superstitious, then consider having a baby in 2017.

Every culture has its own leap year superstitions. Depending on where you live, you might have totally different beliefs. If it is possible, avoid planning any special occasions this year. Or, if you are planning, make sure you have a positive mindset. Remember, everything starts from your mind. Do you believe in any of leap year superstitions?