5 Essential But Forgotten Things to Bring to the Beach for Labor Day

Aug 31, 2016

Good news, beach bums! It is finally Labor Day Weekend which means we are on the countdown to a four-day weekend! We can smell the salty air and suntan oil already. But before you leave your house for the sandy shore, make sure your bags are packed with everything that you will need for the holiday weekend. Here are five essentials you can’t forget to take with you for Labor Day:

1 Itty-Bitty Teeny-Weeny Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini

Did you just sing that in your head, too? You are welcome. Obviously, this is the one thing you don’t want to forget to pack in your beach bag for Labor Day. But I am taking it a step further and telling you to pack one for every day that you will be at the beach! There is nothing worse than wrestling on a damp bathing suit from the day before. So go ahead and pack three at the very least.

2 The biggest floppy hat

I think freckles are adorable, but you do not need to add dozens to your pretty little face every time you are at the beach so find the biggest hat that you can and pack it. We suggest getting one that’s tight enough on your head so that it does not fly away every time there is a nice breeze. And bonus points if you have a hat to match every bikini.

3 Drinks on ice

Not those kinds of drinks, although those are nice, too. No, we mean a large cooler full of water and ice. It is extremely important to stay hydrated while you are in the sun or else you could wind up cutting your vacation short with a trip to the hospital due to heat exhaustion. Make a goal to drink one bottle every hour. Yes, you will be making a dash for the restroom, but that’s a much better alternative than the ER!

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4 Oversized blanket

You obviously want to pack a few beach towels, but I prefer bringing a blanket to actually lay on the sand with. Towels are too small and they attract sand like crazy once they get a little damp. So instead, roll out a comfy blanket big enough to spread out. Keep it cool by popping an umbrella over it to provide some shade in the hot sun.

5 Your besties

I really do hope this is a given, but you can’t have the best Labor Day Weekend ever without your best girlfriends, no matter how much you want to spend this day with a family. Load your car up with your besties, blare some road-tripping tunes and hit the road. Everyone loves a good road trip and you are sure to make memories that will last far past the holiday.

Those are the five things I consider the essentials for a fantastic Labor Day Weekend. Sure, there are other things that one could argue are more important, but I think that if you have these five things you simply can’t go wrong no matter where you go. So load up, be safe, and have a happy Labor Day!