6 Things That May Make Your Period Worse

Apr 14, 2016

Whether your period is light or heavy, there are certain things that may affect your well-being and your menstrual cycle issues. The good news is that you can avoid all those issues. The only thing you need to do is to keep reading my article. It is not easy to make the period cramps easier to bear, because none of us is able to recognize the red flags.

While some things may temporarily affect your menstrual cycle and disappear on their own, others may indicate serious health issues. The things I am going to talk about may not only make your period worse, they may cause permanent health issues as well. Read on to be aware of what you should avoid during your red weeks.

1 Chronic stress

I often compare stress to a plague. Maybe stress is not as dangerous and horrible as plague, but it can permanently affect your health, which is why you should always monitor your stress level. Everyday stressors lead to chronic stress, anxiety and severe depression. When you ignore your stressors, they can seriously mess with your menstrual cycle, making you suffering from unbearable pain during your lady time. Learn how to control stress, otherwise it will control you.

2 Meal plan

You know how vital it is to watch what you eat on a daily basis. Making healthy food choices is a surefire way to feel happy and healthy, each day and especially during your period. There are certain foods that make the menstrual cycle worse, such as white grains, processed foods, salty foods, coffee, sugary foods, fatty meat, milk, cheese, and even ice cream. If you feel like any of these foods make you feel worse during your period, eliminate them from your eating plan, or at least reduce their consumption to a minimum.

3 Exercise

This certainly does not mean you should stay in bed the whole week. Exercise is good anyway. Working out for a few hours a day though may put your menstrual cycle on hold or make your menstrual cramps worse. The problem is, excess exercise is one of the extreme stressors. Avoid working out too much and do period-friendly exercises only. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plain water or lemon water. Take time to create a period-friendly exercise routine today.

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4 Sleep deprivation

“We will get enough sleep when we will die.” This is what modern people say these days. Getting enough sleep will not only help you live longer and healthier, it will also help you make your period easier. Get into a habit of going to bed before midnight. This way you will get your beauty sleep and avoid having longer periods. If you have trouble falling asleep before midnight or you are suffering from insomnia, be sure to consult your doctor.

5 Huge workload

Workaholism is not a rare phenomenon these days. It is a total addiction that people neglect. Society focuses too much on career and money and this leads to a real epidemic. If you have a tendency to work more than 8 hours a day, including weekends, and you never take a vacation, your busy lifestyle may ruin your health and affect your menstrual cycle.

You are not a superwoman who can work 24/7. Plus, no one will pay you more for your overworking. Take care of your health, not your wallet. Avoid shift work that disrupts the circadian rhythm of the body, which controls different biological functions including your menstrual cycle.

6 Smoking

Smoking and drinking are two bad habits that affect your overall health. However, smoking affects estrogen level, testosterone level, progesterone level, and other hormones that play a crucial role in the development of PMS. If you have irregular periods, get rid of your smoking habit and see how you will feel. Moreover, try to reduce your alcohol consumption that may also make your period worse.

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There are many things that may turn your lady time into a nightmare. Hopefully, now that you are aware of these things, your periods will become happier than ever. No more hormone imbalances and irregular periods. In case you feel that something is wrong with your menstrual cycle, see your doctor as soon as possible.