7 Things You Should Never Sacrifice for the Sake of a Happy Relationship

Apr 16, 2016

Almost all highly successful people say that there is no success without sacrifice. This is totally true, but one day your sacrifices can make you an unhappy person. Thoughtless sacrifices can break your reputation, ruin valuable relationships, steal your health, life energy, time, and money.

People often make challenging decisions without assessing the risks and all possible consequences. Life is full of crucially important things and values people should never sacrifice for the sake of a relationship because love is like a bird that can fly away one day. Here are the things that are more important than love.

1 Interests and dreams

Life without dreams, interests, hobbies and emotional relaxation gradually loses its meaning and turns into a vicious circle of duties, problems, and disappointments. If your significant other does not share your dreams and interests, it is not a tragedy.

However, they have no moral right to discourage and obstruct the achievement of your personal goals. Both partners can sacrifice their interests for the sake of a mutual goal. If not, then both of them just lose their identity and fall into depression.

2 Your body

I am not going to raise the question of breast augmentation but prove that reproductive health is a top priority. Sexual relationships between men and women put both of them at risk. Men can lose freedom and bachelor’s status, but women show extreme sacrifice and risk life, in case of pregnancy.

The risks are not equal, and it means that women should not sacrifice their body or let things slide. It is your right to decide what contraceptive method to choose and how many children you are to have.

3 Inner freedom

No matter who tries to infringe your inner freedom, you should not give in or sacrifice the most important value. If you lose inner freedom, then neither your loved one’s care or at first glance, a harmonious relationship will save the situation or make you feel happy.

Codependent relationships have no chance for successful development and existence. Loss of inner freedom will just turn you into a victim or aggressor and poison your love from the inside.

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4 Family and friendship

It often happens that our loved ones cannot find a common language and interests with our family members or friends. As a result, our life turns into a misery and circle of emotional pain, because we feel caught in the middle of the conflict.

If your significant other insists that you should remove your dearest and nearest from your life, open your eyes, make a cool-headed analysis of the situation, realize the game is not worth the candle and wave goodbye to the manipulator. If your loved one gives you that choice, it means they do not love you.

5 Financial independence

Unless you are not a professional freelancer, you risk losing your financial independence, at least when you give birth to a child. Life is unpredictable, and there is a high probability that your loved one can leave you, become disabled or even die one day.

If you are absolutely financially dependent on him, then you are in danger. Both men and women should build additional incomes because financial stability and independence are the top priorities today.

6 Appearance

Your physical appearance is an essential part of your personality. You are the only one who can decide what to change, improve or reinvent. If your partner wants you to change your appearance, his love is not real.

True love does not impose conditions or force the lovers to go against their nature. When you change and start living according to someone else’s expectations, you break your inner peace, balance and harmony. Just be healthy and happy, and your man will love you the way you are.

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7 Personal space

No matter whether you are a city or country dweller, you need personal space, some me alone and emotional relaxation like oxygen. Every day negative people, stress, and overloaded schedule exert negative influence on your well-being.

It is possible to get used to the life in the fast lane, but sooner or later chronic stress will destroy your willpower and health. If your partner does not give you space to relax, you may end up feeling like a bird in a cage. Never sacrifice your personal space. Otherwise, you will break down.

Love is a wonderful thing, but you should never break these important principles. If you lose control of your life, you will certainly become the most miserable person in the world. What other things or principles are more important than a relationship?