10 Useful Tips for Single Moms

Mar 14, 2019

Being a single mom is a huge responsibility that requires juggling a wide range of commitments. To combat stress and get the most out of your life as a single parent, keep these ten useful tips in mind.

1 Network with other single parents

It’s smart to seek connections with other single parents for several different reasons. For example, you can trade advice, offer emotional support, and potentially help each other with childcare difficulties.

2 Remember to have fun with your children

When you are shouldering all of the parental responsibilities, life can quickly start to revolve around discipline and trying to keep the house in order. Don’t forget that being silly with your children and engaging in play are equally important parts of being a great mom.

3 Make time to take care of yourself

It is wise to set aside specific portions of the day or week that focus exclusively on self-care. Watch the television shows you love, taking a hot bath, or engage in any hobby that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Many single moms choose to take care of themselves in these ways after the children go to bed.

4 Stick to a daily routine

Sticking to a daily routine helps you to remember all of your responsibilities as a single mom, but it also provides a reassuring sense of consistency for your children. This predictability can be especially important for children who are in the early stages of getting used to living with just one parent.

5 Talk openly with your children

Children of single moms may want to ask questions about what happened to their father, why he is not involved in their daily care or why you do not want to live together.

Try to engage with these questions tactfully but openly, and encourage your children to share all of their emotions around having a single parent (even if those emotions are sometimes negative or confusing).

6 Let people help you

Pride can get in the way of accepting help, as you may want to prove to the world that a single mom can provide just as much as a set of two parents.

However, you can become exhausted, irritable and depressed if you never accept support, so let kind relatives and friends shoulder some of your burdens. In addition, older children should be encouraged to help with household tasks.

7 Do not idealize other parents

It is easy to imagine that people in relationships or marriages are happier and more effective parents. Try not to lose sight of the fact that no one has a perfect life and that all relationships involve conflict. Indeed, there are distinct benefits associated with being single, including increased personal freedom and financial autonomy.

8 Think sensibly about new relationships

Firstly, remember that being a single mom does not mean that you have to give up on love or live a celibate life. However, it is vital to be cautious about dating and consider whether potential partners will get along with your children. In addition, be wary of introducing these partners to your children, and only do so if you feel your new relationship is fairly solid.

9 Know about emergency babysitting services

Single moms should know where to go if they suddenly require a babysitter due to issues like work commitments or medical problems. There may be local services that provide emergency babysitting, or you may have several friends who are willing to be contacted for assistance at short notice.

10 Nurture your social life

Finally, just as it is healthy to make time for self-care, you will benefit from regularly socializing with old friends and by making new ones. While your children are undeniably important, you will likely feel burnt out if you don’t include anything else in your world.

Although it can be stressful and hectic to manage all of the commitments associated with being a single mom, the above ten tips should help you use your time and energy in the most useful ways.