6 Tips for Women Trying to Start a Life Abroad

Leaving the home country, wherever that might be, is as scary of a thought as it is enthralling. Though the world has been mapped and adventure comes attached with a GPS, you never truly know what’s out there in the world until you step out into it.

To those seeking a life abroad or to move to another foreign country, here is some advice. Having moved from the United States of America to Japan, I have developed six tips that not only kept me in check but can aid you as well.

1 Be frugal

Moving is a money wormhole. You pray those dollars will get transported elsewhere, but it just goes poof. You spend loads on the packing, shipping, airfare, renting a new residence and everything else attached to emigration. Those are unavoidable expenses. What you can do to reduce the moving cost, as well as living comfortably thereafter, is to remember frugality.

You will be tempted to fill your new abode with trinkets and appliances you did not have before, get the cutest linens and whatnot. Pace yourself. Embrace minimalism. Treasure the heartfelt belongings that came with you from the home country. Budget for rent, utilities and food – the standard comforts everyone needs. Then slowly look into second-hand items or ethnic goods that will be of lower cost than what you are used to.

If you have a work visa, you will have more money than those on a tourist or student visa, but that does not mean you will be financially stable until after a few months of labor. Pinch those pennies until you do not fret over the days between paychecks. Continue to spend wisely, because you never know what will happen.