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15. Hamakua Heritage Corridor, Hawaii

Wailua Falls, located on the eastern side of Kauai, is a magnificent waterfall that has gained fame as the opening scene in the TV series Fantasy Island. This stunning waterfall cascades down an 80-foot cliff in twin streams before pooling and flowing into the sea.

The best time to visit this one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Hawaii is in the morning, as early risers are often rewarded with beautiful rainbows formed by the mist and the sun’s rays.

What makes Wailua Falls even more popular among tourists is its easy accessibility. Visitors with mobility limitations can enjoy its beauty without any inconvenience, as the falls are visible from the roadside. For those who wish to get closer, a short hike to the base of the falls offers a breathtaking view from below. The viewing spot is located at the end of Road 583 (Maalo Road), which can be accessed via Road 560 from Lihue or Hanamaulu.

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