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16. Kona Coffee Living History Farm

The Kona Coffee Living History Farm is a unique tourist attraction in Hawaii that offers visitors an immersive experience of the history and culture of coffee farming. As the only living history farm in the nation dedicated to coffee farming, it offers a rare opportunity to step back in time and witness the daily lives and traditions of the farmers who cultivated this valuable crop.

Visiting this one of the greatest tourist attractions in Hawaii, you can explore the lush grounds, where costumed interpreters perform daily tasks such as food preparation and farming chores. These knowledgeable guides are always happy to answer questions and provide insights into the history and techniques of coffee farming. And while you wander the plantation, you might even catch a glimpse of the rare and elusive Kona Nightingale.

In addition to the living history farm, there are also tours available of modern Kona coffee producers, including plantation tours at Hula Daddy and roasting facility tours at Mountain Thunder Plantation. These tours provide a fascinating look at the current state of the coffee industry in Kona and offer a chance to taste some of the world’s finest coffees.

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