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17. Polynesian Cultural Center

Located on the island of Oahu, just under an hour’s drive from the bustling city of Honolulu, the Polynesian Cultural Center offers an immersive experience of the daily life and rich culture of the Polynesian islands. From music and dance to craft demonstrations and games, the center showcases the traditions of Hawaii, Tahiti, the Marquesas Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, and the Maoris of New Zealand.

The center is divided into different sections, each representing a specific location, providing visitors with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the unique customs and ways of life of each island. The performers themselves often come from the islands they are representing, bringing authenticity and richness to their performances.

Visitors to the center can enjoy a variety of experiences, from touring the facility during the day to watching a spectacular evening show featuring traditional music and dance.

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