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18. Iao Valley State Monument, Maui

The Iao Needle, a towering 2,215-foot-tall rock, is the star tourist attraction at this well-known pilgrimage site on Maui. Visitors can easily view the needle and the foreboding black cliff, Pali’ele’ele, that looms nearby, thanks to well-kept paths.

Aside from its unique geological features, the site is steeped in cultural and spiritual significance. Legend has it that the needle was formed when the demi-god Maui turned his daughter Iao’s suitor into stone. The area is also believed to be home to manas, the ghosts of gods, according to local legends.

Due to its location in a valley, pathways may become inaccessible after rain, so it’s important to check local conditions before visiting the monument. Nonetheless, the Iao Valley remains a must-see destination for those interested in Hawaiian folklore and natural wonders.

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