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19. Halawa Valley, Molokai

Nestled on the island of Molokai, the Halawa Valley stands as a testament to Hawaii’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Known to be the oldest settlement in Hawaii, this valley has a small population that still inhabits the area, despite experiencing devastating damage to the village from a tsunami in the 1940s. However, the valley remains an idyllic destination for nature lovers and those seeking to immerse themselves in traditional Hawaiian culture.

The Halawa Valley is a nature lover’s paradise. Lush tropical rainforests envelop the area, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. This one of the most impressive attractions in Hawaii is home to an array of cascading waterfalls and dramatic landscapes that remain virtually untouched by humans. Visitors can expect to be awed by the sheer majesty of the scenery, which seems almost otherworldly in its beauty.

To truly experience the beauty and cultural significance of the Halawa Valley, a guided tour led by father-and-son team Philip and Greg Solatorio is highly recommended. The Solatorios are among the few families that still call Halawa Valley their home and are passionate about sharing their knowledge of the area’s unique history and traditional Hawaiian culture with visitors. The tour includes a guided hike to Mo’oula Falls, where visitors can marvel at the beauty of the cascading waterfall while learning about the history and cultural significance of the area.

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