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9. Uss Arizona Memorial, Oahu

Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial is a moving and emotional experience that provides visitors with a unique insight into the events of December 7, 1941. This one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Hawaii tells the story of the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor. The 184-foot memorial, built over the remains of the USS Arizona battleship, offers an unforgettable experience that attracts millions of visitors every year. The memorial includes a short boat trip, a 23-minute documentary film, and a self-guided exploration of the memorial, giving visitors a chance to learn about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and how Arizona exploded and sank, resulting in the loss of 1,177 officers and crewmen.

The USS Arizona Memorial guided tour is a must-do activity for anyone visiting Oahu, as it provides a comprehensive and educational experience that tells the story of one of the most significant events in American history. During the tour, visitors can see what remains of the USS Arizona and learn about the devastating impact the attack had on the United States.

The USS Arizona Memorial is an essential destination for history buffs, but it’s also a place of remembrance and reflection for all who visit. As you explore the memorial, you’ll have the opportunity to pay your respects to the sailors and officers who lost their lives in the attack. The memorial is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by those who served in the military and of the importance of remembering the events that shaped our nation’s history.

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