8 Tried Ways to Fight Junk Food Cravings

Oct 27, 2022

With a great variety of junk food, it’s almost impossible to make healthy food choices these days. The junk food seems to be cheaper, tastier and more convenient, which is why so many people get into the habit of buying and consuming foods that literally kill them.

Rather than just spending your hard-earned money on unhealthy foods, invest in healthy eating. It’s easier said than done, I know from my own experience. Junk food cravings can strike anytime so you should always be ready to combat them in a healthy way.

Start with throwing out any junk food left in your house – whether you want it or not, if junk food is there, you will eventually eat it. Here’s how to fight unwanted junk food cravings and develop whole food cravings instead.

1 Bulk up your favorite meals with vegetables

If you are not a big fan of eating raw (or even cooked) vegetables, adding some to your daily diet can be a challenge. When you use more vegetables in your favorite meals, though, you gradually get used to the taste and your junk food cravings slowly fade away. Vegetables are high in nutrients that help prevent you from overeating unhealthy foods.

2 Opt for fruit-based snacks

If you can’t eat vegetables raw, then make sure you eat more fruit. You can enjoy your favorite fruit and berries, such as oranges, bananas, strawberries, cherries, apples, and mangoes, or opt for fruit-based snacks like fresh fruit salads, yogurt with fruit, or fruit smoothies to ensure you won’t reach for sugary snacks next time you are hungry. Not only will you fight your junk food cravings, you’ll improve your overall immune system as well.

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3 Work out

Okay, it sounds ridiculous, but let me explain before you skip this point. Many of us reach for junk foods when we are bored, stressed or depressed. Instead of eating your way to weight gain, go for a walk, perform several squats or lunges, meditate or take up running to combat stress, anxiety, depression, or emotional eating, and sculpt your body at the same time.

4 Boost your intake of greens

Since cravings usually indicate a lack of key nutrients, it’s crucial that you consume enough vitamins and minerals that your body needs on a daily basis. Greens are fortified with key nutrients, including magnesium that helps better the way the body uses protein, fats, and carbs from the other whole foods you eat. This, in turn, helps to lower your blood sugar, boost your metabolism and prevent junk food cravings for good. Enjoy green juices/smoothies and use greens in your meals for ultimate health benefits.

5 Drink a glass of water before eating

One of the tricks dieters and healthy eaters use to fight junk food cravings and prevent overeating is drinking a glass of water before every meal and snack. You may not feel the difference at once, but try to wait a few minutes before enjoying your meal. This way, you’ll learn to recognize hunger signals and eat mindfully too.

6 Eat more protein in the morning

Having a protein rich breakfast is a simple way to feel less hungry throughout the day. Plus, it helps decrease your blood sugar and fight junk food cravings. Protein keeps you full longer, boosts your energy, and prevents the midday slump. Have a bowl of quinoa or oatmeal, or scrambled eggs with kale, green onion and tomatoes for breakfast to increase your protein intake.

7 Enjoy a small handful of raw nuts

Next time you crave any junk food, opt for a small handful of raw nuts. You don’t want to eat a lot of them, though, since most nuts are high in fats (but healthy ones!). Be they almonds, walnuts or cashews, raw nuts are packed with protein, heart-healthy fats, and disease-fighting nutrients. Nuts are healthy and crunchy alternatives to chips, cookies, and sweets. A raw nut butter can be a good option too.

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8 Drink a fruit-infused water instead of soda

Fruit-infused waters are good at beatings sugar cravings. Drinking too much soda can lead to addiction that is hard to break. I was highly addicted to soda and couldn’t do anything with my addiction. Once I started making my own fruit-infused waters, I stopped buying soda for good. Drink a few glasses of your own fruit-infused water a day to stay hydrated and keep your cravings at bay.

Enjoying some junk food once in a while may not wreck havoc on your body, but still it’s best avoid eating it at all. Oftentimes our wrong food choices cause serious diseases, which is why try to fight your junk food cravings whenever possible. Are you addicted to junk food? Does any one of you think that the negative effects of junk food are overrated? Let me know what do you think about that.