8 Instant Ways to Make a Positive Impression

Jul 14, 2015

There are many ways to make people like you without changing anything in your unique individuality. Learn these simple techniques and you`ll be able to make a positive impression without making any huge efforts and using complicated schemes. Even good people can make a bad first impression if they`re not aware of the things I`m going to share with you right now.

1 Don`t make fun of others

One of the most important things to avoid if you want to make others like you is to laugh at people`s mistakes. If you see them laughing at themselves then you can do the same as it`ll create a cozy friendly atmosphere. But when you see that the person did something wrong and is upset about that, your laughter won`t be appropriate. Think of all the possible ways to help them instead.

2 Make compliments

Making compliments is one of the most efficient yet easiest ways to make a positive first impression. When someone pays you an amazing compliment, what do you feel? It`s an amazing feeling. But be careful not to go too far. Your compliment should be sincere so don`t shower a stranger with compliments that you don’t really mean. If you don’t like someone, don’t give any compliments at all.

3 Stay calm

The ability of providing others with relaxation is another trait that`ll attract more people into your life. Learn how to help others forget about their daily routine and problems at least for a minute. Don`t complain, don`t push anyone to do what you want and don`t talk a lot about yourself. You like to be with people that you can have fun or relax with thus become one of those people yourself. Next time you meet someone you’ll want to become friends with, stay calm and positive and help them feel better too.

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4 Remember the dates

One of the easiest ways to make a positive impression every time you meet your friends or relatives is to remember their most important dates. Use your phone to remind yourself about special dates. It’s so frustrating when someone forgets about your birthday so make sure you don’t forget about any important dates.

5 Don`t talk about your problems

You can discuss your problems with your mom, husband or friend, but never vent to a stranger. They don’t care about your problems and you can end up making a bad impression. Everyone has problems – if we all start sharing them with random strangers, the world will become more depressed and pessimistic. It’s all about positivity, guys. Talk about positive things to make a positive first impression.

6 Try to be kinder

Sometimes it`s better not to learn how to do something but to learn how to give up doing something when you want to develop yourself. Don’t be mean if you want others to treat you well. You don`t like to be discussed behind your back so don`t gossip about others. Don’t try to create a bad situation for other person in some shady way. Kind people are always appreciated, not to mention it’s easier to be kind than mean.

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7 Don`t be so serious

Positive people are not afraid to laugh at themselves. Being not so serious to your own flaws and silly mistakes is another thing you need to learn to make people like you more. If something is wrong with your actions or you`ve got into a funny situation, there`s no need to think that people are judging you or making fun of you. It`s much more preferable for everyone to have a friend who has a nice sense of humor and who understands friendly jokes but not the one who regards simple giggles as some rude attacks and who gets angry with this fact.

8 Live and smile

Develop your smiling skill to make a constant positive impression. You should also try to be polite as often as you can. You want people to remember only nice things about you thus you`d like to be a smiling polite person no matter the situation. It`ll bring some changes into your life in general – a positive attitude is always useful, after all. I’ve got a little yet positive rhyme (written by Moraman) for you to read when you need to make a positive impression but feel depressed:

First of all just do your best – Smile more and frown less. Be polite and stop complaining, Be a rainbow while it`s raining!

When you spread positivity, you don’t have to work hard to make a positive impression. Get rid of your bad speaking habits, cultivate a positive attitude and be kinder to others. This way, you can make lots of friends and inspire others to live a more positive life. What’s your secret to make others like you?