6 Winsome Ways to Make Spring 2015 Happier

Many people are already sick and tired of cold weather and long winter nights. Frigid temperatures usually make us emotionally passive and limited in actions. Human bodies lack sunlight at the end of winter season, but it’s not so bad. In a few weeks you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy a new spring season and experience physical, emotional and spiritual rebirth. In spring, both nature and people are waking up from a long winter dream. It’s been proved that sunlight heals sorrow and relives the symptoms of winter depression.

I’m a sentimental person and I can’t stay positive during the last month of winter. I look forward to spring because this season is a real miracle for every woman. Women from all over the world dream of being as beautiful as spring flowers. Unfortunately, not all of them can make their dreams come true, because they waste too much time dreaming. It’s necessary to take good care of yourself and improve your appearance starting today.

If you can’t keep your dreams and plans in memory, you should take a sheet of paper and write down everything you want to change this spring. Creative personalities prefer to make inspiration boards, because boards have a truly inspiring effect on them. A sheet of paper can be easily lost, but a board will remind you about your goals and priorities every day. Don’t forget that the most romantic season of the year is coming soon. Be ready to connect with nature and enjoy its beauty. I’d like to offer your attention a few effective pieces of advice on how to make spring 2015 amazingly positive and pleasant.

1 Add more colors to your life

Unfortunately, only black and white colors are predominant in winter. I believe that colors can exert a big influence on human mind and summon different emotional states. In a quite short period of time, you’ll be able to surround yourself with beautiful colors. They can either calm down or excite your brain. The cheapest way to add more colors to your life is to buy a colorful posy of mixed spring flowers. The scent of this miracle will quickly lift your spirits. Add more colors to your life is half a work. Nowadays modern people are so busy and overloaded with work that they become blind to many pleasant little things. Try to find at least 5 minutes every day to look around and enjoy the surroundings in wonderful spring colors.

2 Get a pet

The decision to buy a pet made my monotonous life more interesting and happier last spring. My dear talkative parrot Archie is a colorful miracle that fills my busy days with positivity. I can’t help laughing when Archie begins to sing and tell jokes. Furthermore, Archie helps me struggle with my laziness. He already knows that I’m lazybones and reminds me to do physical exercises on a regular basis. He’s like my personal trainer that inspires me to be more active and keep fit.

If active lifestyle is your priority, you should get a dog. Every morning and evening, you’ll run with your dog. My friend says that her dog is a wondrous jogging partner. What can be better than enjoying a beautiful spring morning with your true four legged friend?

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3 Ride a motorcycle

If you think that extreme is your pair of shoes, then you should ride a motorcycle with your loved one or friend. I’m sure that this extreme activity will get your adrenalin pumping. Motorbike will give you the feeling of complete freedom.

There’s no need to burn rubber, because it’s very dangerous. Be sure that your partner or friend is an experienced rider. If you decide to have an extreme ride, you should forget about all fears or negative thoughts and enjoy high speed and feel like a bird in the sky. But remember safety first. High speeds are dangerous, so make sure you ride a motorcycle slowly and safely. This extremely interesting activity will impress both of you favorably and make this spring unforgettable.

4 Help you body cope with seasonal stress

Human body is a smart system that can accommodate different temperatures and weather conditions. The seasonal climate transitions usually make your body weak and dull. At the beginning of spring your body lacks vitamins and minerals that are crucially important for your health. Your task is to help your body detox and cope with stress.

There’s no need to go to the hospital and undergo a thorough medical examination. Regular exercises, positive mood and healthy diet will quickly regenerate your immune system and help your body adapt to seasonal changes. Don’t forget to take a digital detox as well. It will give you an opportunity to relax, satisfy your personal needs, enjoy spring and think positively.

5 New acquaintances

Nowadays many city dwellers prefer to avoid new acquaintances and communication, especially with total strangers. I think that these people are either too cautious or overwhelmed with work stress and problems. New acquaintances will help you distract from everything and see the world in bright colors.

One day you may get acquainted with the person who will turn your hectic life into a fairy tale. New people can empower you to reach and help you find your calling in life. Don’t spend your free-time cooping up in your home. Try to attend different exhibitions, personal development training courses, conferences and other places where you can meet many successful and goal-oriented personalities.

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6 Renew your wardrobe

Unlike men, women can’t live happily without shopping and buying new things. Wardrobe renewal has always been the best natural treatment for depression. I think that doctors should prescribe shopping to raise the spirits of depressed women.

This spring you should finally break the mould and wear everything you like. Choose light and colorful clothes that will help you open up and boost your ego. You’re a real woman and your garment is a significant part of your seducing magic. No matter how you slice it, people tend to treat you according to your clothes and to the manner you present yourself.

Spring is just around the corner. It’s high time to start your preparation for the season of love, inspiration, joy and communication right now. The main thing you should do is prepare your mind for a positive change. I hope my experiences will come you in handy! Do you have any other ideas on how to make this spring special? Share your experiences!