10 World’s Most Popular Party Hostels

Oct 14, 2022

Backpackers often congregate at hostels and with so many travelers hanging out together, parties naturally occur. However, some hostels are more party friendly than others. In fact, some hostels build their entire reputation around the nightlife available through them.

1 X Hostel, Golden Sands, Bulgaria

Photo: Alex Pănoiu

X Hostel guarantees giant hangovers and amazing nights out on the town. There isn’t much information on the sleeping arrangements at this party hostel, mainly because no one really seems to sleep. Instead, you will find ice breaking activities that lead to long nights of partying and drinking. One of the local traditions is to get a tattoo of an X somewhere on your body before you head back to the real world.

2 The RisingCock, Lagos, Portugal

Photo: risingcock.com

Situated near amazing beaches and historical landmarks, The RisingCock is a party hostel like no other. Breakfast is an all-you-can-eat affair and vending machines spit out beer for the straggling partiers. While this is definitely the place to hang in Lagos, the hostel is also focused on staying green and offers a recycling program, sensor lights, eco-friendly toilets and solar heated showers.

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3 Retox Party Hostel, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: DoctorWho

Retox looks like an abandoned building from the outside, but inside, it’s a party hostel through and through. Three other hostels join the Retox crew for social events, making it easy to meet plenty of new people. It’s not unusual to find people asleep throughout the hostel common room after these events, particularly when the infamous Jaeger train has made an appearance.

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4 The Pink Palace, Corfu, Greece

Photo: thepinkpalace.com

At first glance, the Pink Palace looks perfectly respectable. However, once you move past the air conditioning and included breakfast and dinner, you might notice that guests have access to a 24 hour bar and the Palladium night club. The bar and club are where the real fun is happening in this popular party hostel. The hostel also offers a Booze Cruise, which combines cliff jumping, bat caves and drinking.

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5 Base, Magnetic Island, Australia

Australians know how to party hard, so it makes sense that one of the top party hostels in the world is located in Australia. Base actually has 13 locations, but the Magnetic Island one is best known for its party atmosphere. Stay during the full moon to enjoy the only Full Moon party in the country. There are parties and live music on the beach most nights, but you can enjoy calmer days, if that’s your thing.

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6 Hostel Ka’beh, Cancun, Mexico

Photo: swerdroid

Designed specifically for party animals, Hostel Ka’beh offers all day breakfast, overnight air conditioning, free WiFi and a fully equipped kitchen. The real fun starts in the evening when the music is cranked up and everyone gathers for a fun time in the central courtyard. If you don’t want to hang out, there are club tours to show you the hot spots in Cancun.

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7 Friendly Fun Frank’s Backpackers Hostel, Riga, Latvia

Photo: Abi Skipp

Located in an area full of night clubs and bars, Frank’s is a great place for night owls and party animals. The hostel features a 24 hour sports bar where you can watch football on any of the four plasma screens and drink the night away. The hostel is one of the few in the world without a curfew and the door is never locked. Take full advantage of this to explore the area. The staff will even let you know which clubs are hot and how to get to them.

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8 Milhouse Hostel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo: Martin Terber

The Milhouse is located in a renovated mansion, giving it a unique feel. Enjoy draft beer at the bar or on the rooftop terrace or dance it up with the DJ in the basement. Tickets for local clubs are always available and more often than not, the party moves back to the hostel after closing time.

9 Flying Pig Downtown Hostel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo: flyingpig.nl

The Flying Pig features international DJs three times a week and a full service bar every night. A fun pillow lounge is a great spot to hang out if you are ready to mellow out a little with your fellow backpackers. There are no limits on smoking here and the hostel is pretty close to the red-light district, so it’s a pretty happening spot.

10 Carpe Noctem Vitae, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: Jon Gos

Seize the night at Carpe Noctem Vitae, a popular party place in Hungary. With party spots nearby, you can head out to the clubs or just enjoy the fun at the hostel. There are beer vending machines to make drinking easy no matter what time of day it is. The staff provides home cooked meals each evening for the cost of ingredients, so you can fill your belly before heading out for a night of drinking.

As long as you aren’t actually interested in sleeping while at a hostel, these party places are great additions to your backpacking itinerary. You’ll find party hostels in every major city around the world. Plan your trip to include at least one night in one, just for the experience.