7 Worst Smoothie Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Smoothies can be a delicious and nutritious way to begin your day. While they certainly seem easy enough, there are a few big mistakes that people tend to make when blending up a smoothie. Here are seven of the worst ones you are probably making and how to avoid them in the future.

1 Not blending enough

Smoothies are definitely quick, but it takes several minutes to get the consistency right. Do not turn off your blender after 10 seconds only to be disappointed that there are still chunks of ice and fruit bobbing about. You will want to blend your ingredients for a good 2 minutes to ensure your smoothie is nice and smooth.

2 Not using a thickening agent

Smoothies should never be runny and liquid-thin. Use fruits with thick flesh such as peaches, bananas or mangos to get the consistency thick and creamy. Soaked flax or chia seeds can also do the trick, giving it some jelly-like body and a nice dose of extra nutrients.

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3 Adding too much powder

Do not just dump protein powders into your smoothie. Read those labels before you buy and make sure you are not getting heaping doses of artificial sweeteners or GMOs. These powders can be dangerous for your health so before you go along with what everyone else is doing, make sure you really check them out.

4 Getting way too sweet

If you are using smoothies as a healthy breakfast in the morning, you should never add sugar. Instead, make use of the natural sweetness of berries or bananas. Dates can also be great for adding a really sweet taste with a huge hit of nutrients. Should you accidentally overdo the sweetness on your smoothie, you can balance it out with a squeeze of lemon or lime.

5 Adding too many ingredients

You might think that adding all kinds of healthy items to your smoothie is a great idea. But it is not going to taste so great. Limit the ingredients to 3 or 4 items.

6 Ice problems

There are two things that can go wrong with ice. For one, if you add too many cubes, it makes it difficult for the good fats that you need from seeds, nuts, or coconut oil to become incorporated with the drink. For another, most people dump the ice in at the same time as the other ingredients. Instead, add them last so they blend better.

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7 Dumping liquid in all at the same time

If you add all of your liquids to your smoothie at once, you will likely wind up with a runny smoothie. Try blending half the liquid in first, followed by greens, fruits, seeds and oils. Then finish it off with ice. Check the consistency before adding more liquids.

What will you put in your next smoothie? Now that you know all these common mistakes, the next smoothie you make will be the best one ever.