2 Be more productive: CARROT To-Do

People rave about CARROT, whose own creators call a hilariously sadistic A.I. construct who strives to force humans to be more productive.” Though CARROT has been around since 2013, there is no better time to make use of her viciousness than in 2020. If you are the kind of person that responds better to a harsh reality rather than sugar-coated pleasantries, you will be quite happy with this app.

Plus, CARROT makes accomplishing tasks fun. When you complete something on your to-do list, you get rewarded with not only a snarky comment, but you can actually level up, unlock new goals, and even additions to the app.

This keeps you wanting to get more done just to see what you will receive next. The app is easy to understand and has a clean interface, so everyone can get started using CARROT to get a drill sergeant to-do list robot on their case ASAP.