This New Bungee Workout Will Have You Bouncing Off the Walls


Tired of the same workout class that has you simply moving through the general squat, lunge, and floor positions? Or maybe you are coming back from an injury or period of inactivity and want an exhilarating workout that will not hurt?

Then there is something new you are going to want to try out. With some bungee cord and music, you can have a fiery workout that sends you bouncing off the walls. Literally.

Various countries around the world have already released their style of the bungee workout. For example, this workout has gained massive popularity in places like Thailand, New York City, and Arizona.

However, because it is still catching on in the west, you might have to wait a little before the bungee workout appears at a location near you. Until that time, here are some interesting facts about the workout:

Origins of the bungee workout

One of the first places to introduce the Bungee Workout was a place called Stories to Tales Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand. It was created by Joey Raywadee and Artino Sivavut. You can find a plethora of videos uploaded on YouTube and other platforms of the group hanging by bungee ropes attached to suspension on the ceiling.

When you watch the videos or check out the pictures, you will notice that the class looks pretty high intensity. The people are bouncing off walls, twirling, jumping, and flying in an almost effortless fashion.

Other versions

There was recently another version introduced at Crunch Gyms called “Bungee Flight: Adrenaline Rush.” Once you are hooked into the 4D Pro ReAction harness, your feet will hardly touch the ground throughout the workout. The special harness was actually developed by a trauma surgeon to help those who were recovering from major surgeries.

Since the harness bears most of your weight, you can do resistance and isometric exercises that would otherwise exacerbate a healing injury or surgical point. This version is slightly different from the original in what is encompassed in the class. You will notice less dance aerobics and more strength building exercises.

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What goes on during the bungee workout?

The standard structure is included: warm-up, exercises, and a cooldown. Expect the duration to be around 75 minutes. There are times when you are in the centre of the studio’s floor and other moments where you are standing on a vertical wall. Segments are broken into various routines that mesh together dance, aerobics, and other exercises.

For example, you may transition from squats to a bounding lunge then drop into a one-armed plank. While this might seem a little impossible, the bungee ropes allow you to perform the moves with ease and without stressing your joints. Though you never stop moving, being able to float and glide decrease the impact quite considerably.

There are various levels of the bungee workout, but right now you will most likely only be taking Bungee One, designed for beginners and advancing students alike. Expect no two classes to be the same. You can learn new techniques every single week, and there are multiple combinations to challenge.

Who is the bungee workout for?

Anyone with an interest, of course! You don’t have to be a dancer or at an athlete-level of fitness. Those who love cardio will have a blast (though that doesn’t mean your core and leg muscles will notalso be working hard)!

The additional bodyweight exercises will reshape your entire body. Those who started routinely doing the bungee workout in Thailand (and now in the States at Tough Lotus studio, owned by the first American Master Trainer) have reported weight loss.

To take the Bungee Workout course that was created in Bangkok, there are some prerequisites, however. You cannot have any current injuries and need to be under 250 pounds.

How can you become a trainer?

Right now, there are few and far opportunities. You can always go to Bangkok, Thailand to attend a 132 hour, 14-day long Master Trainer session at the original studio. It is incredibly rigorous and demanding, especially to go to another country, but the opportunity for travel and learning would certainly be worthwhile. You can also reach out to Tough Lotus studios to see if there is training coming to a location near you.

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So are you ready to try a supercharged workout that will have your literally bouncing off the walls and flying around like a caped crusader? If you are looking for a new way to mix up your boring workout routine, then the bungee workout may be just what you need to spice things up.

Just remember to seek out a certified studio or provider so you know you are getting the real deal. Now, excuse me while I run off to find a bungee workout studio in Tokyo…