4 Reasons ‘C’ Students Are More Successful Than ‘A’ Ones

In Business school, some students were more likely to walk away from tests with a “C” than an “A” or even a “B.” It is not that they were not smart, it is just that taking tests was never their strong suit. And while it may be easy to say that the “A” students were going to be more successful than the others, it may not be accurate thanks to four lessons life has taught us. Here is why “C” students are more successful “A” ones:

1 They have to work harder to make it happen

Coming out of college with a 4.0 definitely will open a door or two for you. Ears prick up when they hear words like “Magna Cum Laude” or “Top of class” much more than when they hear “Passed all of her classes and ended up mid-level in rankings.” Call it biased, but that is just how it is.

So average students have to work a little harder after college to get doors to open for them. They have to knock on more and, in some cases, beat them down just to get an interview. Sometimes it helps to start with an internship or commission job just to get your foot in the door and then work on making a name for yourself by your work ethic and results.

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2 They have to be better at networking

When you are top of the class, you do not have to know the right people because you are the “right people.” However, when you are “average,” your resume does not make much of an impression so it helps to know a person on the inside that will vouch for you and prove that you are more than just an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. It pays (literally) to become an expert at networking and building your contact list early on in your career.

3 They give others a chance

Average students are more likely to give the less-likely pick a chance because they remember when it was them. Something about seeing yourself in someone else just wakes up the optimist inside of you. Therefore, average students are more likely to discover hidden talents and the future leaders because they were willing to give them a shot.

4 They are constant learners

Average students become lifetime learners, just maybe not from books and professors. Rather, they know the value of learning from alternative forms of education like mentors and podcasts. By observing those that have gone before them, they learn from their mistakes and successes.

Many are even self-taught because others never gave them much of a chance so they decided to take on their own personal growth. A lot of average students become avid readers later in life because they appreciate wisdom even if they have to go out and seek it.

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As you can see, a “C” student is not one that you should discount. As a matter of fact, if you are in a leadership position, giving an average student a chance could very well end up being the best business decision you ever make. Heck, you may even learn a thing or two from a “middle of the class” slacker.