8 Awe-Inspiring Chinese Food Blogs

Mar 24, 2017

I love Asian food, especially Chinese recipes. Such vibrant flavors cannot be found anywhere else in the world. And if you like spicy food, this is your oyster, not the world. What is more, the basics can be learned in a pretty short time so even beginners may start with some easier recipes. More of the food blogs that I am going to talk about offer some kind of a beginner’s guide so it is definitely a good place to start if you are about to discover Chinese cooking.

1 China Sichuan Food

The China Sichuan Food blog – as the name indicates – mainly covers dishes from Sichuan but also shares Cantonese and Shanxi recipes. The author is a Chinese girl and although she struggles with the English language sometimes, the recipes are awesome.

2 Appetite for China

Diana Kuan, the Chinese-American author of the blog currently lives in New York so you are most likely to find the ingredients she uses, unless you live in a small town. She shares traditional Chinese and more ’fusion-like’ recipes as well, not to mention the Vietnamese, Japanese and Filippino recipes. She is basically the Chinese food celebrity of the U.S.

3 Hong Kong Food Blog

The blog is written by a woman who used to have problems with eating and thus she became obsessed with food. She figured out how to lose weight easily and the story alone makes a visit to the blog worthwhile. Not only does she post recipes but writes about Hong Kong based restaurants, too.

4 Red Cook

Have you heard of a software engineer who likes cooking? Well, I have not. Until I found this blog. Kiam Lan Kho became a professional cook after working on Wall Street for twenty years as a software developer. He writes about the cultural-social backgrounds of the recipes as well. Hell, if you live in New York you may even apply to one of his cooking courses.

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5 Food and Drink Chengdu

Chengdu is located in Sichuan so the recipes are mainly from there on this blog too, just like on China Sichuan Food. However, this one also writes restaurant reviews since the author still lives there. There are tons of delicious recipes to try out with little to no efforts.

6 Yi Reservation

Yi’s blog offers the easiest recipes and he even illustrates every post with beautiful pictures of every step of the cooking process to make it even easier to follow. He actually started the blog to make Chinese cuisine more reachable for everyone. His website also has 2 video recipes.

7 Yi Cooks

Her name is Yi. However, she is a woman, unlike Yi who writes Yi Reservation. She lives in the Netherlands so the ingredients she uses may be easy to get for those living in Europe. You can also read about the basic cooking techniques on her blog. She also writes about Chinese culture.

8 Christine’s Recipes

The author lives in Australia. Her blog is a little different than the others as she does not only share Chinese recipes but posts other Asian, Japanese and even Western dishes. And you can browse recipes by photo so you can see right away whether you found a dish you would even think of preparing.

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Chinese food blogs can inspire you to vary your eating plan. Coose at least one blog from my list and treat yourself to a mouthwatering dinner. Chinese meals are popular worldwide for their unique savories, why not add these ideas to your everyday life?