Here Is Why Coffee Cones Are So Popular Right Now

Apr 14, 2017

Get ready for the next big foodie trend: coffee served in an ice cream cone. Known as coffee cones, these things are now dominating the coffee scene. Not long ago, it was all about creating beautiful hearts and designs in coffee mugs. But now, this art form has taken a giant leap into an even more edible direction.

The way it works is that coffee cones are not just regular ice cream cones. They are lined with chocolate on the inside in several different layers to prevent leakage. But as anyone who loves chocolate knows, chocolate melts in heat. So while it does prevent your coffee from seeping out the bottom into your lap, it will not do so for very long.

The chocolate from the inside of the cone will gently melt into your coffee, giving it that special chocolaty taste. The best way to enjoy one of these coffee cones is to drink your coffee fairly quickly to avoid any leaks. Then, eat the cone for the perfect morning, afternoon, or anytime treat.

Dayne Levinrad

If this sounds like just the foodie trend you want to get in on, you can thank Dayne Levinrad, the brilliant man who started the coffee cone craze in South Africa. It’s since spread like wildfire across the world with plenty of other coffee houses jumping on the bandwagon. From Los Angeles to New York and beyond, everyone is trying to recreate this awesome foodie trend.

Coffee, ice cream and chocolate

So why are these coffee cones so popular? Levinrad suggests that perhaps it is due to the combination of everyone’s adoration of coffee, ice cream and chocolate. When he decided to combine all three of these things, that is when the Internet seemingly broke, with coffee cones by his design sweeping Instagram by the millions. It seems that coffee cones are everything we want and need all in one.

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With the coffee cones, there is a cone of time that needs to be followed before a complete coffee disaster occurs. Drinking the coffee within 10 minutes of getting your cone will ensure that you get the most pleasure from this delicious new way to have your coffee and eat it too.

Expect to see it coming to a coffee shop near you, but be careful of imitators. While imitation is indeed the most sincere form of flattery, be sure that the coffee shop you buy your coffee cone from is taking steps to seal the cone with chocolate so that you don’t have a leaky experience.

What do you think of coffee cones? Do you want to try them or would you rather have your coffee in a mug?

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