10 Awesome Finger Tattoo Ideas

Finger tattoos are among the most popular tattoos among young women today. They are discreet, can be easily hidden if necessary and there are so many amazing designs that everyone can find a perfect one for themselves. Check out 10 finger tattoo ideas that will blow your mind.

1 Tiny palm tree

If you love the beach, the sun and tropical vibe, this palm tree tattoo is perfect for you. Palm tree also remind us of sun. Leaves are placed high above us, and if you look directly under it, you will see similarity with radiant sun beams. Whether this reminds you of a perfect vacation, or warmth of sunlight, this tiny palm tree looks great inside a finger.

2 Nautical tattoo

These nautical themed finger tattoos are simply awesome. From anchor to seahorse, they are all so special and detailed. Wind rose shows all the directions you could go, rudder represents you traveling and searching your place, and anchor means you found it and you have a place that you belong. Completed with a seahorse – a symbol for surprises – this tattoo makes a perfect representation of your life journey.

3 Micro heart

Micro heart tattoo is absolutely adorable! Great way to have your tattoo visible, but discreet. Hearts usually represent love for family, friends or your significant other, but it can also represent love for yourself and your life.

4 Rings

Ring finger tattoos are popular because, well, they are rings. Just the best thing about them is you do not have to worry about losing them. They can be as intricate or as simple as you like. I love this one because all those little details make it look amazing, and incredibly intriguing.

Ring and its design can represent someone important to you, someone you want to carry with you forever and never lose. Other popular ring tattoos include words wrapped around you finger, arrows, and simple parallel lines.

5 Music

If you are a music lover it would be hard to decide which one of these is your favorite. Notes are simply cute, but keys are so elegant. If you cannot decide you can always get them all. This is a great way to show your love for music, and always have it with you.

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6 Finger couple tattoos

Finger couple tattoos are amazing for you and your significant other. You can make matching ones or you can get complimenting ones so that they make one whole when your fingers touch).

These are perfect to represent a special date, like each other’s birthdays, your wedding date, or the first time you met. Since they are permanent, couples tattoos are a special way of showing someone how much you care, and that you will love them forever.

7 Bow

Thumb tattoos seem to be underrated. Most people go for inside finger tattoo, but this thumb bow is absolutely amazing. It is girly, elegant and can represent so many things. It can represent your childhood, or remind you of your best friend or your sister. Bow could also mean holding it together, or considering life as a gift.

8 Words

Placing words inside your fingers is an easy way to remind yourself of what is important to you. I love this endless love tattoo. It looks amazing and I am sure it means a lot to the person that placed it there. Other popular words for inside finger tattoos are hope, believe, trust and family. You can customize font, style and any additions and make completely yours.

9 Lotus

Lotus represent different things in each culture. In Buddhism it is a symbol of beauty, purity and faithfulness, and ancient Egyptians related lotus flower to rebirth and Sun. Either way, it represents positive thoughts and positive life.

10 Peter Pan

We love this Peter Pan tattoo because, apart from looking amazing and being so detailed, it can also remind you that we all should stay a child in a way. The fact that they are all simply black also reminds us of Peter Pan’s shadow. This tattoo can represent many things like freedom, family, friends and wonderful adventure that is life.

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Tattoos are a great way to express your personality. The beauty is that two people can have similar tattoos but yet so different, because the real importance is in what it means to you. Do you have any finger tattoo or dream of having one?

Top Image Source: catchnews.com