10 Fabulously Unique White Tattoo Ideas

Mar 24, 2016

Thinking of getting a new tattoo? There are a few crucial decisions you may want to make before you ink up, because even if you get a white ink tattoo in a hidden place, you should be ready to live with it almost lifelong. The reason why more and more women choose white tattoos over black and colored ones is because they are more feminine and perfect for work. Here are ten ideas to consider before you finally ink.

1 Henna inspired tattoos

If you want your traditional henna tattoo to last longer, consider getting a henna inspired white ink tattoo. There are many different designs to opt for, so you will certainly pick something for yourself. Be it a foot, shoulder, back or arm tattoo, everyone will notice it.

2 Wedding ring tattoo

Instead of spending tons of cash on pricey wedding ring (even the cheapest ones can cause your wallet stress), choose to get the wedding ring tattoos. Any words or images will work. An added bonus: you do not have to worry about losing your wedding ring, and it is super comfortable.

3 Big rose shoulder tattoo

If you really want to make an incredible statement, a big rose shoulder tattoo must be your choice. You may not be a lover of flower tattoos, however, when it comes to white tattoos, it is hard to resist getting a tattoo design of rose. It looks feminine and elegant.

4 Paw print

Pet lovers will love this white tattoo idea. It is a blissful way to show your love or cherish a pet that is no longer with you. Want to stand out from the crowd? Get a portrait tattoo of your pet, albeit it can be tricky. You will need to find a portrait artist.

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5 Back neck tattoos

Whether you have a short hairstyle or you love ponytails, a back neck tattoo is a great choice, especially for college students and office workers. When you need to hide your tattoo, you can easily do it any time of the day.

6 White arrow

Arrow tattoo idea is one of the most popular and beautiful designs that you can try today. Arrow tattoo on the finger or wrist is a great choice for first timers. It is simple, cute and trendy, epecially for girls. This tattoo means moving forward.

7 Compass

The compass tattoo means living a meaningful life and staying strong no matter how hard things may seem. It is believed that a compass tattoo helps to guide a person where they need to be. Well, even if the tattoo will not show your true life direction, it will embellish your wrist or arm.

8 Birds

Freedom is highly appreciated these days. A bird tattoo have several meaning. It means either you are free to do whatever you want or you strive to be free. Many people get a bird tattoo because they simply love birds. Isn’t it amazing?

9 Lacy flowers

Lacy flower designs come in different sizes and variations. When done correctly, they are magnificently feminine, elegant, and beautiful. Some girls say that a lacy flower white ink tattoo looks like a doily. I personally think otherwise. What do you think?

10 Little heart

If you are afraid or not allowed to have a medium-sized and big tattoo – even if it is a white one – consider getting this cute little heart on your finger, or any other part of your body. Not everyone will notice your tiny tattoo, but you will know that you have it.

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Getting a white ink tattoo is one of the most whimsical ways to express your individuality and beauty with your body. Unless you go overboard, your tattoo will add a touch of elegance to your overall look. Have you ever thought about getting a white ink tattoo?

Top image source: pinterest.com