8 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads

Nov 14, 2022

Got blackheads? Don’t squish and squeeze! There are several simple ways to get rid of them without using any harsh chemicals and peels. Oily skin isn’t the only cause of blackheads. It’s can be an incorrect skincare routine too.

If you don’t wash your face twice a day, don’t use any facial masks, and don’t exfoliate your face once a week, you are more likely to have skin problems, like dull skin and breakouts. But blackheads aren’t usually caused by dirt, so stop over-exfoliating your skin and give these natural remedies a try:

1 Honey and cinnamon strips

These delicious strips make wonders for me. Honey and cinnamon is a popular combo used in baked goods, drinks, facial and hair masks, and some other homemade beauty rituals. Cinnamon helps to increase blood flow, making your skin glowing, soft, and healthy. Honey, known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, wards off bacteria that cause acne and sometimes blackheads.

Combine cinnamon powder and raw honey to get enough mixture to apply to your blackheads. Apply a thin layer, press strips of clean cotton, and remove them after 4 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water and apply a light moisturizer.

2 Steam

The steaming method helps prevent the appearance of new blackheads and eliminate the old ones. Fill a large bowl with hot water, cover the head with a thick towel and let the steam do its work. Make sure you don’t sit for more than 10 minutes, and be careful with hot water. 5 minutes is typically enough for it. Then, rinse your face with warm, tepid, and cold water (stick to this order) to close the pores. Pat dry with a soft, clean towel and apply your moisturizer.

Do it twice a week and once you see the positive results, cut it to once a month.

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3 Baking soda

Baking soda has many fantastic beauty benefits, which are slightly underrated. When used correctly, baking soda can help you get rid of blackheads for good. Baking soda is a mild exfoliator that cleans pores deep down, preventing acne and blackheads. Combine baking soda and water and apply the paste to your skin.

Massage very, very gently and rinse it off with warm water. Don’t overdo it. Pat the skin dry and apply moisturizer.

4 Clay masks

Whether it’s a mixture of clay and water, clay and apple cider vinegar, or clay, water, and a drop of raw honey, clay masks are great at removing blackheads too. Not only do they clear clogged pores, but they also improve circulation, improving your skin health.

Moreover, clay masks help to get rid of acne too. Choose the most ideal clay mask for you and use it once a week. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin, and don’t let your clay mask dry fully, especially if you have very sensitive skin.

5 Egg white mask

While some women use egg whites for hair masks, you can use them for your face to get rid of blackheads. Egg white mask doesn’t look and feel amazing, but it promises truly effective results. Apply a thin layer of homemade egg white mask all over your face or blackhead areas.

Once this layer is completely dry, apply another one and then one more layer. This is a time-consuming beauty ritual, but the results are worth the effort. When you are done with the layers (3-4 will be enough), rinse your face with warm and then cold water. Moisturize as usual.

6 Cheap yet effective toner

Homemade toner requires a lot of time yet contains natural ingredients only. Mix apple cider vinegar with some chopped mint leaves, add water and let it stand for a week in a dark place. After straining and adding water again, place your toner in the fridge and use it once a day. Grab clean cotton balls and apply the toner to your blackhead areas. Leave for 6 hours or overnight, rinse it off and apply some light moisturizer.

Apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of blackheads, and fresh mint reduces inflammation, creating a cooling, tightening feeling.

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7 Sugar scrub

Many famous women use this natural exfoliator once a week to get rid of dead skin. You can use sugar scrub to prevent and get rid of blackheads. Combine sugar and coconut oil (or any oil you have, like almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil or grapeseed oil) together and massage the mixture into your skin, using gentle circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with warm and then cold water, pat your skin dry and apply moisturizer. Use once a week.

8 Everyday treatment

All the above methods can be used only once-twice a week, but what to do each day to prevent blackheads? There’s one trick that you can use every day. Wash your face with fresh, warm, or cold water twice daily – before bed and afternoon. If you use overnight masks, then wash your face in the morning too. Moisturize your skin each time you wash your face.

Don’t expect fast results. Blackheads won’t disappear overnight. Also, don’t use all these remedies at once and daily. Choose the best method for you and use it regularly every week. When it comes to blackheads, over-exfoliating is a common problem.

Many people think that the more they exfoliate the skin, the better. On the contrary, it makes the blackhead problem worse. What’s your most effective method to get rid of blackheads? Any natural remedies to share with us?