Helix Eyeliner Is the New Eye Makeup Trend That Is Blowing Our Minds

Apr 1, 2017

Ready for the next hot makeup trend? It’s one that will take practice and lots of patience but the results are worth it if you like to think outside of the box and let your makeup take center-stageю It is called “helix eyeliner,” and it is definitely not for the faint-hearted or for the woman who can’t draw a straight line to save their lives. The corkscrew looking liner technique takes winged eyeliner to a whole new level that we never knew existed.

Helix Eyeliner Is the New Eye Makeup Trend

Want to give helix eyeliner a try? I hope you would say that so I have the steps for you:

First, start by applying a standard black liner, angling it upward and out to form a dramatic cat eye. Next, using a paint or gel liner in your favorite neon color, carefully trace a thread that loops around the line that you created in the first step. Stand back and admire your handiwork. Or, if you are like me, get out the cotton swabs, dip them in makeup remover, and start all over again.

The end results of the helix eyeliner makeup should resemble something of an optical illusion that your liner is actually three-dimensional. Or, in other words, it should resemble the helix-shaped DNA strand, which is where it gets its clever name.

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From what I can tell, this new makeup trend got its start with the incredibly talented and self-taught Instagram makeup artist GlowAwayMeg, who started using neon accents a few weeks ago in her tutorials.

She gets her neon accent colors from the Makeup Geek Cosmetic line, one of her favorite brands that she often uses to create her original and unique looks. But you can choose any neon liner that you’d like, the point is to use colors that stand out vividly and that are very saturated.

Wondering if helix eyeliner is as complicated

Wondering if this is as wild and complicated as the makeup trend can get? Think again. Her followers have taken the trend and kicked it up a notch or two by drawing squares instead of loops, or even turning the helix into a cute snake complete with a darting red tongue. Not sure if I will give that one a whirl, but it looks great on them!

Thinking you should stick to the original helix but want to make it pop a little more and show the world how much of an artist you really are? Try creating an ombre effect by using different colors for your accents. You can find an example of this look on GlowAwayMeg’s Instagram.

She used Makeup Geek Cosmetics and Coulour Pop Cosmetics gel pots and liners to create this take on the trend. Or, try a tighter helix for a corkscrew effect like in another of her posts where she used white gel liner to create a pretty loop-de-loop around her cat eye.

Or maybe you are like me and you are still trying to perfect the cat eye! I am having a hard enough time mastering that technique, so I may leave this neon looping trend to the more daring.

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But for those of you that are brave enough to take on the helix eyeliner trend, I salute you and stand impressed. Feel free to give me a call if you need models to practice on. Meanwhile, I will be over here still practicing my smoky eyeliner look which is much more forgiving!