7 Instant Ways to Improve Your Karma

Exploring your actions and yourself, in general, is a good way to improve your karma. According to Buddhism, karma means you get what you give. Every time you make a request to the universe, your attitude gets back to you with the same power. Karma tots up everything you do in life, and all of those negative things you did or do come back to you.

How to get good karma? I believe in karma; thus, I`m trying to make it better every day. If you are looking to improve your karma, here are some tips to follow.

1 One day, one deed

Doing at least one deed a day will boost your karma and improve your whole life. No matter how important it is, whether you help an old lady to cross the road or give a room to the homeless one, it will be rewarded to you. You will feel great about having done a good deed each day, and others will respect you more.

2 Be thankful to the universe

Be thankful to the universe for everything you have in your life, and karma loves it. You should express gratitude to everyone who cares about you. Let them know how much they mean to you or present them with something you know they want or need. Praise your partner when you see them trying to entertain or help you. Giving thanks and praise will change your outlook, and you`ll never take anything for granted anymore. Once you start to be thankful, your karma will thank you too.

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3 Be honest

All people lie and oftentimes get their lies back. It may seem impossible to live a life without any deceptions at all. Buddhists don`t think so as they believe in karma and take responsibility for every word they say. I used to say white lies to my friends and family when I didn`t want to disappoint them or hurt someone`s feelings. Then I realized that being honest is a lot easier in any situation. Just like Ann Landers said, “The naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie.”

4 Become a volunteer

Volunteering once a week is a fabulous way to help those in need and spend time with use. From homeless shelters to animal shelters, there are many places to help others without spending a dime. If you can’t volunteer because of your busy schedule, consider donating. You can donate to shelters or bring some food to a local food bank.

5 Take care of lonely people

If you have your own family and other people who love you, think about those that you don`t have. Nursing homes are full of them, and they really need help. Find time to visit one of them to share your love with lonely people. You can easily make their lives better and improve your own life as well.

6 Stop gossiping

Gossiping is a nice way to relax and forget about your personal problems. But it’s just a waste of time and effort. Instead of judging others, read a good book or do an extra task to boost your career and personal growth. No one wants to be the subject of gossip, and you are no exception. The negativity you create when gossiping can affect your life and your reputation.

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7 Spread positivity

Making spontaneous compliments is a great habit to adopt. Aim to spread positivity wherever you go. If you notice that someone is in a bad mood, don’t ignore them. Instead, make a sincere compliment to them. You`ll be surprised at how curative your compliment can be for that person. I love to say something inspiring and make a sad person smile. Positivity is the key to a happier life, so why do we spend so much time on negative things?

Now that you know how to improve your karma, develop a habit of doing good deeds, giving thanks, making donations, and simply spreading positive vibes around you. Be responsible for your actions since the consequences of negative actions always come back to you. Have you ever thought of boosting your karma?