7 Ways to Do a Wonderful Deed Today

It seems to me that this crazy world has turned upside down. People’s hearts are filled with cynicism and self-interest. Everyone wants to be treated with respect and kindness, but they forget to treat others in an appropriate way. There’re less people who find joy in noble deeds.

I’ve always wondered why people stop doing good and kind deeds. I think that fancy youth doesn’t find it cool. I recommend you to challenge yourself to do at least one good deed every day during one week. It’s not difficult to find one minute in order to do something useful and wonderful. The main thing is to do it sincerely, because it’s not a favor. If everyone starts doing good and positive deeds, it will be easier to break the world’s system of egoism and indifference.

My life dream is to think only about majestic things, speak positively and do good deeds. I want to do it automatically and make these acts of kindness and noble deeds a significant part of my lifestyle. I know that it’s very difficult to change and become kind at once. Let’s make small, but confident steps to reaching this goal. Here are a few effective ways to become more kinder and humane person.

1 Invigorate somebody

Nowadays many people go through hard times and face various life surprises. Even strong people sometimes lose heart and let depressive thoughts and despondency enter their life. They need both moral and physical support. I don’t mean that you should take somebody’s problems on your shoulders. I believe that a simple smile can cheer people up.

If your friend has problems, you should find correct words to motivate and help them believe in themselves and their abilities. Share your experiences or give a valuable advice. You may praise his or her actions or achievements.

Try to inspire people around you with optimism and teach them whistle in the dark, because it’s almost impossible to be happy without these wise qualities. Remember that your care and kindness can give despondent people an impetus to bounce back and move on.

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2 Pick up the garbage and put it in garbage cans

You’ve already invigorated somebody and now it’s high time to do a second good deed. Today we can see a lot of garbage on the streets. My friends say that everything depends on the city and the district. I think that everything depends on us. The cleanness is the merit of highly intelligent and well-bred communities. My language teacher always told us, “No trash, no mess.”

Unfortunately, many of us cannot get rid of the habit to litter. I don’t understand why people feel ashamed to pick up the garbage. It’s better to pick up somebody’s garbage up and put it in a garbage can, instead of wasting time, energy and nerves complaining about people’s bad manners. Start from yourself and you’ll soon become a role model to your friends and others. If people turn this small and extraordinary deed into a habit, this world will become cleaner and better.

3 Present your mom with beautiful flowers

Many of us have got used to look for a special occasion to make dearest and nearest happy for a while. Everyone should know that the best surprise is an unpredictable good deed. Every time I want to make a surprise, I remember my mom. I go to the flower-shop and buy her a bouquet of chamomiles, because this kind of flowers is her favorite one.

Have you ever tried to present a stranger with flowers? My friend once tried to do it. She confessed that nothing could be better than treating other people well and seeing smiles on their faces. You should be brave and confident enough to talk to a stranger and present them with something. If you’re a bit shy, then this activity will help you overcome fears and the feeling of diffidence. Every good deed breeds positive emotions and feelings that make people’s hearts radiate warmth and joy.

4 Feed stray animals

The next good deed you can do every day is to feed stray animals. Stray animals are the most pure, sincere and helpless creatures in the world. People should remember that animals are our four-legged friends. They need our care, love and shelter.

Let’s go to the shop and buy some inexpensive foods in order to feed stray cats and dogs. You can also share your delicious bun with birds. I believe that every person can help stray animals survive in this harsh and cold world. It doesn’t require us to spend big sums of money. We just should treat animals like our small brothers and sisters. According to the statistics, every day people throw big amounts of food away. It would be more noble to give a part of these food waste to stray animals. Not long ago I’ve read an article about Turkish technologic companies. They have found an ingenious way to feed stray animals with the help of vending machines. It proves that not all people are indifferent to animals. I hope you’ll find time to feed a stray dog or cat in your area.

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5 Plant a wondrous tree

The best way to leave a good trace in your life is to plant a tree. We are living on the green planet. People shouldn’t forget to take care of the environment, because we are an essential part of the nature. Human beings should create beauty, build and plant trees and flowers. Unfortunately, nowadays people prefer only to use the resources of the planet and destroy the nature. Don’t be indifferent lazy bones! Take a spade and plant a beautiful tree in front of your house. My daddy often jokes that modern youth will plant many trees, if they start producing WiFi.

I have always dreamt of having a majestic garden. I adore the beauty and the magnificent scent of flowering trees and shrubs. I’ve already planted nearly 50 trees and I advise you to do the same.

6 Participate in a charity concert

If you’re a creative personality, you can also do extraordinary and useful deeds. From time to time, all musicians, singers or artists try to participate in different charity concerts. Local bands collect money and material aid for a charitable purpose. If you’re a member of a music band, then charity concert is a perfect opportunity for you and your friends to get your name out and do a good deed at the same time. When I was a student, my friends involved me in their noble activities. I loved to perform at charity events, because I found it wondrous to support people with the help of our music.

Moreover, we gathered at local parks and just played a beautiful music. The main purpose of those little events was to cheer up people and gain some valuable experience in music. Those activities helped me boost my confidence and get rid of annoying fears and uncertainty.

7 Cook something delicious and treat others to it

Those who are not perfect in music might be talented in cooking. You may find a minute to cook some delicious dish and treat your friends or a stranger to it. This is a good opportunity to show both your generosity and cooking skills. A big desire to do a marvelous deed will help you make your most daring culinary fantasies true. My signature dish is Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. I try to bake something tasty every weekend and treat others to it. I think that it’s better to cook these cookies again, because Halloween is here.

People should never forget to do good deeds, because kindness is the source of a happy and harmonic life. A good deed is a nice opportunity to show the beauty of your soul. We should try to do as much positive deeds as possible. It would be easier to live in this challenging world.

Love, happiness and healthy relationships are extremely important in our life, but we shouldn’t forget about our four-legged brothers and nature. Try to make kindness and generosity a part of your modern lifestyle. Mankind won’t survive without these qualities. Do you often do something good for other people and animals? Share your stories with us, please!