7 Lifestyle Blogs You Will Love

Lifestyle blogs are probably the most popular blogs out there. They focus on different topics rather than the one with a little bit of everything. From fashion and beauty tips to home organization hacks and relationship advice, lifestyle blogs have it all. They teach, inspire, motivate and entertain. I have a few amazing lifestyle blogs (love Womanitely too) that I read on a regular basis. Here they are:

1 It’s Overflowing

Whether you are looking for stylish interior design ideas for your home or you simply crave some sort of house inspiration every now and then, It’s Overflowing might become your favorite blog. Aimee Lane writes incredible articles. I especially love her house tours. There are so many unique ideas to steal for your own place.

2 Amy Antoinette

If you are a mom or mom-to-be, Amy Antoinette will help you become the best mother ever. She has many practical tips and tricks for moms, and her blog is useful for those who are trying to cope with a baby loss. This is one of the best lifestyle blogs to follow. Just read ‘About’ and you will understand what I am talking about.

3 The Pioneer Woman

From fashion tips to scrumptious recipes, The Pioneer Woman is a great blog for every woman. You will also find many DIY ideas – I love the article called The Beauty of Branches. Ree Drummond will teach you how to DIY, make cowboy-friendly dishes, and show you how to deal with a transition from city girl to domestic country wife.

4 A House in the Hills

Sarah Mora, who is a photographer, dog stylist, chef, interior designer, style maven, and world traveler, has really fantastic blogging skills. Apart from awesome pictures, the blog has some great ideas and easy-to-follow recipes. All in one.

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5 Womenosophy

Womenosophy is a place where you will find almost everything – from DIY ideas and diet tips to motivational tricks and relationship advice. If you are looking to improve your overall lifestyle, Womenosophy is a perfect guide for you. My friend says it has helped her to get rid of bad habits and overcome depression. This actually made me include Womenosophy in my list.

6 Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is one of the popular inspiration blogs that will help you fall asleep and wake up feeling happy. There are plenty of useful tips to encourage you to overcome hard times and let go of the past. If you feel you are losing track of your life, Tiny Buddha is a must-read.

7 Young House Love

When it comes to home design, Young House Love definitely wins. With more than 3,000 free projects and posts, you will certainly find something for your own space. I love their house tour, and I am so proud of Sherry and John and their work. They did unbelievably great job.

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There are many other lifestyle blogs and websites to follow, but it is hard to read them all. These seven blogs, though, are those little guides you may need on a daily basis. If you follow any other lifestyle blogs, let us in the comments. Maybe you have your own blog that we all should know about?