Is LISS Truly the Latest Workout Craze?

Feb 6, 2018

Nowadays, the workout world is overbrimming with trends and crazes. But the problem with all those trends is that many new and expert exercisers experience a burnout that can easily throw off your fitness game. The latest workout craze, LISS, which stands for Low-Intensity Sustained State, will have you to ease your exercise routine.

LISS is believed to help drop weight, tone the body, and reduce the likelihood of injuries. Rather than doing intervals or overloading yourself with tons of cardio, LISS keeps your heart low during the entire workout. LISS is particularly great for those who are just entering the fitness world as this workout helps to avoid the negative side effects.

Is LISS cooler than HIIT?

HIIT seems to be more popular than LISS. In case you do not know what HIIT means – High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is perfect for people trying to burn lots of calories and melt fat in a shorter period of time possible. While it is effective, it is also hard and dangerous, especially to people having illness or injuries.

Unlike HIIT, LISS can be performed each day and it possesses little to no side effects at all. When choosing between HIIT and LISS, it is critical to consider your physical and mental health to help you make the right choice. If you struggle with any health issues, LISS is just right for you.

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How to do it

First of all, try to figure out what low intensity exercise means for you. When you are starting out the LISS routine, begin with a slow 15-minute walk. If you have been working out for months or years, opt for a 35-minute jog without increasing your heart rate high.

How to check if you are doing everything correctly? If you can still talk without intense breathing issues, it is a red flag. For instance, find a workout buddy and start a conversation while you two are running. The heavy breathing indicated that you have to slow down. Keep in mind that LISS is for low intensity. Start enjoying a slower workout routine and stick with it.

How to get started

Begin with finding something you enjoy – running, cycling, walking, swimming, trekking, or yoga. Add a 20-minute session to your daily schedule and add extra 5 minutes each two weeks. Avoid boosting intensity, though. Remember that LISS is all about less stress; otherwise, you will not be able to safely work out this way each day. Take it slow and easy, yet be sure you stay consistent.

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Despite all the pros and cons, LISS is sure to help you jazz up your workout or simply help you get started with your fitness goals. LISS will help you maintain the healthy heart, keep your waistline size in check, and gain muscles – all with little effort.

Consistency is crucially important if you want to reap the benefits LISS has to offer. I am not sure if LISS is truly the latest workout trend, but it can significantly improve our well-being.