Your Marble Lipspiration for the Prettiest Summer Lips

May 10, 2017

Marble lip art is the latest beauty trend that is booming all around the Internet. The marbleized effect of the lips is mesmerizing and astonishing yet easy to achieve. Forget about unicorn everything and try out to create your own marble lips to rock all summer long.

With a little practice and tons of patience (yes, girl, you’ll need to stay patient), you will learn to make this popular lip art in a matter of a few minutes. Have no idea where to start? Here is your marble lipspiration for the prettiest summer lips ever.

1. Silvery white marble

2 Bold blue marble

3 Pink Marble

4 Turquoise marble

5 Rainbow marble

6 Romantic marble

7 Gray marble

8 Lagoon marble

9 Artistic Marble

10 Mysterious Marble

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Whether you decide to go with a matte white or black base and gray or black or white swirls of color throughout or want to try something weird, these ten ideas mentioned above are all you need to wow everyone. Some of these marble lips are rather simple to create while others require certain skills and techniques. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you get started.