5 Spots for Night Illumination in Singapore

Apr 18, 2017

There are many reasons why I absolutely adored Singapore. This megacity was laced with a vibrancy handcrafted by the inhabitants and the organic beauty of the land. At night, Singapore was a scintillating environment in more ways than one. For those who love looking at a city aglow in more than just moonlight, Singapore is a phenomenal place for night illumination and scenery. My top five favorite places to see lights at night:

1 Singapore Flyer

This gigantic Ferris wheel is a wonderful place to bring the kids or your traveling companion. Though it is a bit pricey to enter and ride, it is nonetheless a feast for the eyes. The wheel itself lights up in a vivid blue.

As it turns, you get to see several other key points around the city. The highest point reaches the height of some of the tallest buildings in Singapore, giving you a panoramic view of the famous attractions, the glistening ocean, and the heartlands.

2 Gardens By The Bay

Along the Marina, this state-of-the-art green space attracts a surge of visitors – mainly of the tourist variety – to the garden for several reasons. First, the walk there, if you start from the station called Raffle’s Place, takes you along the Bay, around the Promontory, and up through some of the most enthralling sections of nightlife the city has to offer.

Second, even just the bridge you take to cross into Gardens By The Bay grants amazing views. Third, this place comes alive. The “super trees” which are growing all kinds of air-purifying plants light up. There is a mesmerizing light show, following by a pleasant walk through illuminated gardens and ponds. In the backdrop, a million city lights twinkle.

3 Boat Quay and Clarke Quay

As you walk the streets of these two famous party spots, you may not get to see some of the more famous “night sights,” but you will be treated to illuminated trees, lanterns, candlelit tables, light shows on the bay, rainbow-accented buildings, and much, much more.

Boat Quay and Clarke Quay make for the perfect place for a nightly meander, because you can do the entire circuit to see skyscrapers, residential areas, bars, restaurants, live entertainment, and more in the most beautiful way imaginable.

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4 Mount Faber

If you are one of those people who prefers to see night from a more natural angle, Mount Faber Park is a famous hiking spot, featuring the Henderson Waves, that is open throughout the night. Be smart and bring a friend, something to drink, and a blanket to wrap up in so you can watch the sun go down and lights flick on as night descends.

5 The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Arguably one of the most eye-catching and extravagant locations in all of Singapore, this UFO-looking structure is actually some home to some of the best rooftop bars and night views as well. You will know it when you see it, and you will want to test out the infinity pool for yourself, if you can afford it.

Otherwise, paying the coverage charge and riding the long elevator up to the top floor to wine and dine with Singapore’s affluent population is worth it. Besides, that rooftop view will make you swoon.

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In short, be sure to bring a camera when you travel Singapore at night. You are going to want to capture these jaw-dropping night illuminations on film so you can remember these sights in all of their glory. Alone or with friends, a night in Singapore twinkles like the Milky Way; and you are going to love every single moment. Happy travels!