10 Breathtaking Places in the World to See Fall Foliage

Sep 22, 2017

Being born in September, you could say I am biased to the beautiful colors of the fall season and am in love with the crisp air and falling leaves. Every year, when the trees switch their wardrobe from green to yellows, oranges, and reds, I get ridiculously excited.

Now, the quest to see the best autumnal colors throughout the world is on my travel bucket list, which I am sharing with you today. Here are the best places in the world to see fall foliage:

1 Hokkaido and Kyoto, Japan

Being that I have seen Japan in the autumn and early winter when the trees are fiery red and stunning against a cloudless blue sky, I can say that the Land of the Rising Sun is simply ineffable during autumn. In Japan, especially throughout Kyoto and Nara, are places where you can attend leaf-viewing parties, also called koyo.

It is similar to cherry blossoming viewing. Kyoto and Nara are number one because the autumn leaves gather along the sloping rooftops of ancient shrines and temples, color the streets, and are even featured in traditional Japanese sweets. Always begin your autumn leaf watch in Hokkaido, where autumn starts mid-September.