5 Reasons to Make a Bicycle an Essential Part of Your Life

Nowadays more and more people are becoming sick and tired of motorized means of transport. They’re looking for new methods of alternative transportation for different reasons. Someone uses motorized and non-motorized two wheel vehicles, because not everyone can afford to buy and maintain a new car. Others choose bicycles, because they wholeheartedly believe that these safe vehicles are very good for their health.

Several months ago I decided to buy my first serious bike and become a part of a cycling nation. Frankly speaking, I’ve never regretted my decision, because bicycle is the most reliable everyday mode of transport that certainly changed my life for the better. I’m a self-sufficient person and I don’t agree with the ones who say that only poor people use bicycles for real transportation.

Cycling is becoming more popular, fashionable and prestigious all over the world. A large number of celebrities and political figures have already made cycling a part of their lives. Now it’s your turn to make a step towards safer, happier and healthier future.

1 Cycling is good for your physical and emotional well-being

Cycling is a perfect natural health booster of many highly successful people. This extremely pleasant physical activity exerts a profound influence on almost all systems of human body. First of all, it increases the supply of air to the lungs and improves the blood circulation in all organs during the ride. People who have a cycling habit have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular and other diseases. They usually have wonderful eyesight, because regular cycling is a good training for their eyes.

If you’re new at cycling and spend too many hours riding a bike, you should keep in mind that your excessive passion for this activity can affect your love life. Long-distance rides usually make you feel less comfortable by increasing pressure between your sit bones. If you want to deprive only benefits from your biking and avoid all possible side effects, you should never run to extremes. It’s strongly recommended to select the right bicycle saddle and spend no more than 40 minutes on a bicycle a day.

What’s the link between cycling and emotional well-being? It’s hard to explain, but biking is a unique stress reliever that helps us clear our minds of negative thoughts and improves our mood in a twinkling of an eye. It effectively redirects the focus of our attention to the process of riding a bike with a help of occasion-bound thinking.

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2 Cycling adventures broaden your horizons

Cycling is a kind of positive addiction. If you’ve already tried to ride a bicycle, you probably find it difficult to imagine the world without two wheels. I’ve already tried it and now I spend almost every evening cycling with my friends. There’s nothing better than having a night cycling adventure in a big city. When we’re riding around the city and its suburbs, we broaden our horizons by introducing ourselves to new places of interest, beautiful landscapes and challenges we’ve never seen and experienced before. Many professional cyclists actually choose to travel by bike. They say that travelling by bike gives them an opportunity to see the world from a new angle and reach unknown places.

3 It’ll help you save time and money

Your decision to use a bicycle for transportation during the day will help you do everything in time and become financially prosperous. If you’re a city dweller and your town suffers from constant and massive traffic jams, then a bicycle will certainly come you in handy or even become the secret of your success. You’ll be more dynamic and have a chance to fly and feel like a bird in the sky.

You don’t need a driver’s license to ride both traditional and even electric bikes. Furthermore, you can once and for all forget about different kinds of vehicle taxes. If you feel that you don’t have passion for cars and have no opportunity to invest big bucks in an auto repair, you should buy a bicycle to make your life easier.

4 It’s an environmentally beneficial means of transport

Do you remember that it’s crucially important to care about the environment? I hope you do. But it doesn’t mean that you should become the member of environmental organizations. You should just start from yourself and do everything possible to reduce air pollution caused by human activities. I understand that it may be difficult, but try to kick the car habit and become a cyclist.

This big contribution to environment protection will improve both your health and social status. I believe that sooner or later, humanity will finally realize that the environment is in a big danger and get interested in eco-friendly activities and industries.

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5 Cycling is safer than driving

According to the statistics, bicycling is one of the safest forms of ground transportation. Before I made a decision to buy a bicycle, I’d weighed all the pros and cons of being a cyclist, because my safety was a top priority for me.

Bicycle is a wonderful and unique thing that can give you both safety and freedom, of course, if you wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road. I’m sure that 95% of bicycle crashes happen due to carelessness of bicycle riders. No matter whether you’re a pro rider or not, you should always be careful while riding a bike, because even cycle paths are full of obstacles, pedestrians and roller skaters.

I hope you’ll never regret having a modern bicycle. Don’t fear to become a cyclist at least for a while. You may not know, but your bicycle can be the key to a new world of joy, communication, health, success and entertainment. Do you find bicycle an important part of your life? Does it make your big city life more interesting? Share your point of view!