7 Reasons Subconscious Mind Is My Guide

Oct 16, 2014

What is subconsciousness? I’m sure that nowadays many people have no idea of this notion. What can I say about people, even if scientists can’t finally unravel the power of subconscious mind and teach humanity to use the abilities of their senses? I think that subconsciousness is a type of mind that exerts great influence on my thinking, behavior, feelings and emotions. I believe that it holds the answers to all my questions. The only secret is to find the key to this under-explored type of mind.

I’m a highly sensitive person that’s why I often pay attention to my inner world. Moreover, I try to explore my subconscious mind in order to live in accord with myself and others. I believe that subconsciousness can help me form a success oriented consciousness. Wise people say that those who have total control over subconsciousness are strong and happy people. They are free from tears, diffidence and anger.

I’ve understood that my subconscious mind is a good guide. Its secrets and resources can stimulate my growth and development. If something doesn’t go my way in life, I try to plunge into my subconsciousness, because I know that all answers are inside my mind.

1 My intuition is a wonderful advisor

One of the most difficult things in life is to take a right decision. I have often hesitated whether to do something or not, because I feared to make mistakes and spoil my life. A bit later, I realized that fear and inaction were far worse than just making mistakes.

Every time I have to take a decision, I tend to listen to the voice of my intuition. It has never put me in a spot. Furthermore, if something happens wrong, I’ll never regret about my decision, because it’s my will and choice.

My best friend’s dad is a very authoritative and rich person. Once he told me that when he couldn’t find an efficient solution to some kind of a problem, he always listened to his intuition. Since that day I decided to follow my internal compass in order to reach my goals in future. I was sure that my intuition could open up new perspectives.

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2 My dreams carry valuable information

Even ancient people treated their night dreams as something sacred. They interpreted their dreams and followed the signs. I believe that dreams are the forgotten language of human beings. It seems to me that every dream carries valuable information and hints. If people could analyze and interpret their dreams, they would be able to prevent many problems and misfortunes.

I treat the language of dreams seriously, because I think that my subconscious mind uses dreams, as if trying to tell me something or warn about things that are going to happen.

I have had a lot of prophetic dreams. At first, I didn’t pay too much attention to them. But then I noticed that some of those dreams came true. I decided to take advantage of that ability. I bought a book of dream interpretation in order to understand the messages of my subconsciousness. Nowadays, when I have a prophetic dream, I use this book. My dreams help me find the reason of my inner disharmony.

As a creative person I always try to draw inspiration from everything I feel and experience. Sometimes, dreams feed my imagination and help me create new masterpieces. Dreams can be both positive and negative. I’m an optimist and I prefer to focus more on good and pleasant ones.

3 My subconsciousness can heal me

I want to confess that I’m terrified of hospitals. When I fall ill, I tend to resort to non-traditional therapies. Some people use herbs, others prefer medicines, but my choice is the power of mind. I believe that the way of thinking plays an important role in the formation of my well-being. I know that consciousness and body are tightly interconnected. I try to convince myself that my body is able to recover without medicines. I tell myself that I’ll never fall seriously ill, because I’m the healthiest person in the world.

Human body is a unique and self-healing mechanism. It can heal wounds and kill infections without antibiotics. When I feel bad, I go to sleep. I imagine that every cell of my body struggles against different kinds of bacteria. My body is the best doctor. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you should never consult doctors. If you have a serious disease, you should see your doctor regularly.

4 It helps me accept the truth of life

Have you ever dreamt about living your life without problems? Do you think that life without problems is better? I think that banal and absolutely carefree life isn’t interesting, because difficulties remain the most important and significant part of human existence. That’s why I don’t try to avoid problems, but treat them as opportunities.

I surmise that my subconscious mind sends me problems in order to show that I’m doing something wrong. As a confident person, I begin to find solutions to my issues. Consequently, I have a chance to change something in my life for better. Problems are the best source of opportunities. This little truth has become my life motto.

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5 I can improve my relationships with people around me

It may seem strange, but my subconscious mind assists me in building healthy relationships with people around me. As a sensitive person, I feel the aura of people I’m talking with. Moreover, my intuition often prompts me whether to communicate with somebody or not. I don’t make friends with negative people, but I treat them with respect.

My subconsciousness hints me how to behave and find the best way out of different situations. I can spend hours thinking about interpersonal issues. I connect with my subconsciousness, trying to decode its signals and understand how to act. Furthermore, I always try to cultivate the mind of a successful person, because I know that positive and successful people attract good luck.

6 I could easily find my calling

When I was a teenager, I couldn’t make a right choice. The most challenging thing was to find my calling in life, no one, except me, knew what I really wanted to be. One of my friends advised me to listen to my heart and ignore the pressure of my family. After a considerable reflection on my lifestyle, I came to a conclusion that I wanted to be a teacher. I analyzed my interests and hobbies. I weighed all pros and cons of that profession and realized that my subconscious and conscious minds want to be a teacher too.

7 I can solve my inner conflicts

Cooperation with my subconscious mind is the best therapy for me. I don’t let inner conflicts ruin my life by chronic worries and depressive thoughts. If I have a problem, I ask my subconscious mind for the answer. Consequently, it tells me what’s wrong and I start doing something, because I’m not used to get caught in an endless loop of negativity. I know that it’s very hard to understand what’s in your head, but I work with myself.

In conclusion, I want to mention that subconscious mind is the key to a successful life. People can change their vision of the world, emotions, feelings and habits. Try to cognize yourself and you’ll be able to find your calling, attract wonderful people and develop new abilities.

I’m not afraid of different life tests. They’re not problems for me; they’re valuable opportunities and experience. This life approach helps me keep an active lifestyle and never give up. Have you ever used your subconsciousness to your advantage? Share your thoughts, please!