8 Signs You’re an Authentic Person

Being fake is a truly negative thing that can ruin your life in the long term. Millennials who have rich life experience have more trouble spotting an authentic person, because nowadays children and teens are surrounded by fake personalities. Authentic people make our lives brighter and happier, while fake people prevent us from living life we want. If you can’t understand if you are an authentic or fake person, here’s a little guide that will help you realize you are a truly genuine person and spot a fake person in a matter of minutes.

1 You are kind

You are a genuinely kind-hearted person who never classifies others. You are kind to everyone, including your enemies, nemeses and animals. You never think of responding to people as cruelly as they have been to you. You don’t get upset when someone doesn’t notice your kindness. Instead of focusing on revenge, you focus on good deeds.

2 You see the soul, not the dress and money

When you meet someone, you don’t pay attention to their financial status, clothes, jewelry and flaws. You see their soul and try to focus on it only. You don’t avoid people who have strange appearance or habits. Once you realize that someone’s soul is fake, you forget about that person for good.

3 You follow your heart

Your parents want you to be a lawyer. Your partner wants you to marry him. Your boss wants you to accomplish project that you don’t enjoy doing. Your friends want you to take a road trip when you want to read your new book. No. You don’t do what others want you to do. You follow your heart and do things that bring peace and happiness into your life. Saying no isn’t a challenge for you.

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4 You’re not afraid of troubles and challenges

Every challenge is an opportunity to improve yourself and experience new things. You’re not afraid of troubles and mistakes because you know that you will learn new lessons from them. You believe in yourself and your abilities. Plus you trust you gut so you find a way out in any difficult situation. In your heart, you already have an answer to life’s hardest questions. As I mentioned above, you follow and trust your heart.

5 You know your self-worth

Authentic people have high self-esteem. Not all of them love themselves, but they at least respect themselves. Authentic people surround themselves with people who share the same goals and desires as they are. There are no toxic and fake people in their lives. One of the most obvious signs you are an authentic person is that you don’t allow others walk all over you.

6 You know your true purpose

You know what you have really come here to do and what your true purpose is. You understand your mission here on Earth and you live each day with purpose. Fake people have trouble discovering their true purpose because their minds are occupied by jealousy, lie, hatred and envy.

7 You share your experience with others

Regardless of your age, you definitely know something others don’t know. You share your knowledge and experience with others and you are always ready to help. One of your goals is to make this world a happier place to live in so you do anything possible to spread positivity, kindness and honesty.

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8 You express your opinions openly

You listen to your inner voice and if it tells you that now is the right moment to tell someone what you think about them, you’ll do it. You are not rude, mean or angry. You simply tells what you think. Lying isn’t for you, which is why sometimes you hurt many people around you. The problem is, many people believe in and love sweet, white lies, and hate the truth. But it’s not your problem.

Being an authentic person isn’t easy, but rewarding. Others don’t understand you – some may even avoid you. Don’t take it personally. Nowadays, there are many fake people, but few authentic, so be proud of being genuine. Do you think you are a truly authentic person? What does faking mean to you?