8 Signs You Were Born to Travel

Jan 3, 2017

Do the sights and sounds for exotic destinations, ethnical entrees, and untold adventures excite you? Do you watch Indiana Jones films and just sigh? Traveling is not for everybody, but it may be for you. If you find yourself thinking or doing any of these eight signs, it is your soul calling out to you and telling you to get on the road.

1 You ask “why?” and “how?”

Travelers are curious, ever-questing souls who ponder about the workings of the world. When you watch documentaries or read travel magazines, you think to yourself about all the amazing things that could happen if you could only get to those locations. You ask questions about culture, ethnicity, and customs, and you are not afraid to assimilate to other standards of living.

You also ask “how” quite often. As in, “how do I get to this attractions?” “How do I work this?” “How can I get to this country by this date?” Best of all, traveling soothes you need for constant experiences and knowledge. You eat it up and apply those lessons learned on adventures to every facet of your life.

2 You do not scare easily

Traveling often means going to places where you do not know the language, do not know the layout, and do not even know if there are any vacancies left. You get handed local delicacies that do not look like anything you have ever eaten.

But even as your brain, says, “No, not cool,” you find yourself exhilarated by the adrenaline rush of discovering what you do not yet know. Also, you are always hoping to put your survivalist skills to use.

3 You suffer from fernweh

The German way to say “wanderlust” is also one of my favorite words to describe how I feel about traveling – and it should be yours too. “Fernweh” essentially describes more than just the need to wander. It speaks of a deep urge or desire to visit other countries and cultures that are far from everything you know. Fernweh is ailing for distant lands and new experiences. Fernweh is a tattoo on your traveling heart. And you know what they say about tattoos.

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4 You live out of a suitcase

Or at least you have no qualms about living out of your carry-on backpack. Rather than having a physical home with all your clothing hanging nicely in the wardrobe, you prefer a few wrinkled pairs of functional clothes to get you through several weeks abroad. Besides, there are more richer things out there than seventy billion pairs of shoes.

5 You can sleep anywhere

Roamers and wanderers know that any ten minute window is good enough for a powernap, and they have no problem using every single chance they get, whether it is on a plane, train, buggy, sleeping bag or hammock.

6 You seek roads less traveled

Every day can be an adventure, and travelers constantly seek to make new out of the old. You may be a born traveler if you purposely find yourself mixing up routes to work, going off the beaten path in the woods, or simply ignoring your GPS as it tells you to turn left in 200 feet. See, travelers seem to have their own internal GPS. It is called their “heart,” and they follow it everywhere.

7 You collect memories, not things

Much like being okay with living on the bare minimum of clothing and sleeping on park benches on a sunny day, wanderers have no need to load up on souvenirs wherever you go. They have realized that it is the memories and stories that make the best souvenirs, because those things last for as long as you look back and fondly retell them. Sure, you might have, for example, a keychain full of random things assigned to every destination you have been, but what is truly attached to that ring are experiences, both good and bad.

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8 You equate freedom with happiness

Travelers know they are meant to travel because getting held down with obligations and commitments is, in their opinion, the suckiest way to go through life. Travelers do not do what makes them unhappy. Instead, they freely venture out in pursuit of themselves and their dreams.

So if you find yourself bogged down by the everyday minutia of routine and wistfully looking off into the sunset, you are born to be traveler.