7 Lifesaving Tips for Traveling with Kids

Apr 14, 2016

Traveling with kids, regardless of their age, is a nightmare for new parents. Responsibility is high, and travel expenses might be unexpected at any point of the trip. If you are planning your first road trip or a vacation with children, there are several important things to consider.

Apart from saving more money for your trip, you should plan your trip step by step and be ready for the difficult situation. As a parent, you must incorporate all of your children’s needs into your travels, and here are a few lifesaving tips to help you out with that.

1 Check your children’s passports

If you travel a lot, you probably check your passport regularly. When it comes to children’s passports, chances are you will skip this checking. The cost of last-minute passports is enormous so do your wallet a favor and check your passports well in advance.

2 Pick a family-friendly destination

Just because you and your husband want to party in Ibiza does not mean your children will want it too. Remember, you are going to travel with children, which means their needs must be your priority. Look for a destination that both parents and kids will enjoy. Plan your family activities and do your own research. You can have your little ones help you choose their favorite activities.

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3 Get a child locator

Airports and train stations are usually overcrowded, and many parents sometimes lose their kids. Popular tourist destinations are overcrowded too. So if you are afraid to lose your children, get a child locator to be aware of where your kids are going when they accidentally get lost. You can buy a child locator starting from $19.95.

While child locators are not cheap, they will be your little helpers for many years to come. The last thing you want is a ruined trip or a lost child when traveling. There are also useful apps to keep your little ones safe during your trip. Try them all well in advance, though.

4 Avoid heavy luggage

When traveling with an entire family, it is hard to avoid heavy luggage. However, the art of family packing is not as difficult as most moms think. Check the weather, know your family activities and how long you will stay and where you are going to live.

Ask your children about the things they would like to pack and see what is necessary and what is not. If your family is big, ask each one to make their list of the things they might need during the trip, and then see what you can cross off.

5 Look for family-friendly accommodation

If your children do not feel comfortably in a hostel, consider some other type of accommodation. Keep in mind that what feels great to you may feel terrible to your children. Look for a family-friendly hotel that offers good accommodation deals to astonish your kids and wallet at the same time.

6 Keep them entertained

You do not need to pack tons of toys, sweets and a tablet full of games in order to keep your little ones entertained. You can encourage them to create a travel journal or smash book, read, tell each other stories, or give them a camera to capture the most precious moments during your trip. Board games might be a good option too.

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7 Pack a small, kid-friendly first aid kit

This is a must even during the shortest road trip. If you can handle a headache, your child will not. If you do not know what to put in your first aid kit, consult your children’s doctor, because all children are different and the medicines either.

Traveling with kids is exciting and interesting. Your first trip might not be so exciting, but with a careful preparation, you family trip will be the most memorable one. Involve your little ones in the planning of the trip, they will help you, I promise.