How to Survive a Long Family Road Trip in Summer

Jun 14, 2017

I love road trips! It is like an adventure that you create just by choosing which road to take on a map. I think this love comes from when I was a child. My family would take long road trips to visit my distant relatives every summer. Mom made the trips fun. I never dreaded loading up in the car for the long haul even as a teenager. So, when I became a mom, I did the same for my kiddos. Here are some fun tips to survive a long family road trip in the summer.

1. Road games

You can’t go on a road trip without playing road games. You have your all-time favorites like I-Spy, 50 States License Plates, Travel Bingo, etc. You can also make some cool games using baking sheets and magnets. Many stores carry travel-sized games too.

2. Audible books

This was a life-saver for my kids. I went to our library and picked up some books on CD that I thought we might all enjoy listening together as a family. Then we would slip one in the CD player and listen with fascination. The time would fly by. Have your kids choose their favorite books, and either enjoy as a whole group or allow them to use their earbuds to fly solo.

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3. Grab bag (the best idea ever!)

I do not know whether my mom came up with this on her own, or if she borrowed the idea, but it was the greatest thing ever. She would allow us to grab something every so often from a goody bag she put together. One rule was, we couldn’t peek. We couldn’t wait until it was grab bag time, and neither could my kids when I used this idea.

4. Attractions and stops

Whenever you are traveling a long distance, you need to take stretch breaks. Find nearby attractions or just pull over at a stopping point and do some walking or running. Get fresh air and then hop back in when everyone’s ready. Sitting for long periods of time can be exhausting. It is good for the body and the mind to take a break.

5. Quarter rolls

This was an idea I got somewhere. Before leaving on your trip, go to the bank and get a roll of quarters, dimes, or nickels for each kid. Then tell them that every time they whine, fight, or are disrespectful, you will take one of their coins. Whatever they have left when they get back home is theirs to keep.

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6. Hotel with a swimming pool (a must!)

Summer means swimming, and that is the same for when you are on a road trip. Find a hotel that has a pool so that when you stop for the evening, you and your kids can enjoy a refreshing swim before bed. Everyone will sleep well afterward.

Road trips can be exhausting and laborious, but they can be life-long memories that you create together as a family when you make the trip fun for everyone. What are your long family road trip tips? Feel free to share them with us in the comments.