What Type of Twitter User Are You?

Oct 31, 2022

Whether you’ve been using Twitter for several years now or you’re new to it, there are a few types of Twitter users that will make you laugh heartily. Who knows, maybe you are one of those users. Truth is, we all belong to a certain group of Twitter users – we just don’t notice that. Enjoy learning and laughing about the most popular types of Twitter users and figure out what type of user you are.

1 #TeamFollowBack

This type of Twitter user is trying to get as more followers as possible and is not interesting in anything else. They are so obsessed with this goal that they forget about why they use Twitter. They don’t tweet, retweet and don’t check the feed. They just sit and eagerly wait for new followers.

2 Party junkie

Your followers know where you party each day, what you dress, what’s happening at those parties, the best moments of them and your impressions. They also know about all your attempts to cope with a hangover in the morning and how much you hate going to college or work. Brave party junkies tweet their secret party hook-ups too.

3 Coffee junkie

All of your tweets are about the best coffee beans and the most beautiful coffee mugs. You also mention your favorite coffee shops. You have plenty of pictures of coffee and retweet every coffee recipe you find. Your followers know that you are not a morning person and a cup of coffee is your best alarm.

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4 Tea junkie

Your followers know that you hate coffee and anything related. You are proud to be a huge tea junkie and share all the tea-buying tips you know. Black tea, green tea, rooibos tea, herbal teas… you drink them all! And inspire your followers to fall in love with tea as well.

5 Retweeter

Perhaps you have many wonderful ideas, feelings and thoughts, but you are so afraid to tweet them that you simply retweet someone else’s thoughts and ideas. You believe their ideas are better than yours. Even if you tweet one thought, you delete it in a matter of a few minutes so that no one can read it.

6 Celebrity follower

Almost every celebrity has millions of followers, but not all of those followers are just like you. You use Twitter to keep track of celebrity lives. You adore their actions and retweet whatever your favorite celebrity tweets – even if it’s a total nonsense or a silly thought. You try to follow as many famous people as possible, and when finally one celebrity follows you back, you are in heaven.

7 Successful entrepreneur

… or less successful. No matter. You use Twitter to promote your business and show how successful you are. While you can do it, don’t focus on it. Promote your business in a real life, not online. Although many companies are now on Twitter, they spend a wad of cash on advertising.

8 Foodie

Nowadays it’s popular to be a foodie and promote healthy eating (or just pretend that you eat healthy, who knows?) and share recipes online. Many foodies have their own blogs and use Twitter to get more visitors. If you tweet your breakfast choices, dinner ideas, smoothie recipes and dessert hacks. You are really obsessed with healthy eating and exercise and you strive to live up to 100. If you belong to this type of Twitter users, I’ll definitely follow you!

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9 Motivation seeker

Each morning before your head leaves your beloved pillow you check Twitter to read some inspiring quotes and boost your spirit. You retweet every powerful quote that you hope will help you get through a hard day. You use motivational quotes to help guide your decisions in love, family, work and overall life.

10 Rebel

You don’t follow the crowd. You don’t retweet anyone else’s thoughts. You don’t agree with anyone. You willingly express your personal opinions and don’t care what others think or talk about you. Typically, rebels have many followers, though they don’t care about the number. They use Twitter to let others know what they think and how they live.

There are many types of Twitter these days. These ten are the most popular ones, though. If you are a Facebook or Instagram user, this list can apply to you too. So, what type of Twitter user are you? How many followers do you have?