9 Mind-Blowing Vagina Facts

Apr 6, 2023

How much do you know about your down-there area? Did you know that many girls fail to have a pleasure because they have no idea what vagina is and how it operates. The word vagina is not a taboo these days. Truth be told, millennials are not afraid to talk about the things that embarrass others.

Knowing more things about the most intimate part of your body will help you keep your vajayjay healthy and have toe-tingling and earth-shattering pleasure you have never experienced before. Take a look at some of the most mind-blowing facts about a vagina.

1 It is tenting

Vagina is exceedingly elastic – let’s not forget about the fact that it was made for giving birth. It could let a 10-pound baby come through it and come back to its normal size after five to six months. Who knew?

2 Your vulva might be different

If your boyfriend tells you that your vajayjay looks strange, you should not be a couple anymore. Every girl’s vulva is different, there is no wrong or correct form. Whether you have thin or plump vulva, embrace your shape. Labiaplasty is not a way out.

3 The hair down there is vital

There is a popular belief that women must shave all the hair off, otherwise no man will want to become closer with them. This belief forces almost every woman to go to the waxing salon. Skip it. You need the hair down there to protect your flower. If someone thinks that it looks disgusting, you have the right to think otherwise.

4 Pelvic floor

This is a group of muscles that create a hammock-like formation across the pelvic opening. It sounds scaring, but can be easily fixed. There are many reasons who women experience this issue. Some of them are childbirth, obesity, heavy lifting, menopause, previous pelvic surgery, neurological problems, and even chronic coughing.

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5 Vajayjay wrinkles

Just like your face, your vajayjay will not stay young forever. Be ready to see the wrinkles down there in your late 40s and forth. The problem is, the skin loses muscle tone and collagen production is lower than when you were young. As you age, your labia becomes less plump and more wrinkled, but it does not mean your sexual life ends. Try some kegel exercise to tighten and tone your muscles down there.

6 Farts down there

Yep, your vajayjay can do it to you when you least expect it. The farts down there are not a sign of a disease, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. They are embarrassing, but normal and even healthy. After all, your partner may not even notice those awkward sounds.

7 Squirting

Women ejaculate too. It is normal. If you have never ejaculated, it is normal as well. Squirting is a common phenomenon that may happen to every woman. If your squirting is a small amount of clear fluid, it may be urine caused by contractions of your bladder. If it looks like milky urine, it may be a discharge from the paraurethral glands.

8 Color change

The wrinkles are not the most visible sign of aging. Your V-zone can change its color, but most of the time it is a healthy process. If you notice any vaginal changes, it is best to see your gynecologist to be sure you are healthy. Many women in their 50s say that they do not even notice any color changes when it comes to the vulva.

9 Signature smell

If you have a strong odor that is accompanied by discharge, it is not because you do not douche properly. It is a possible sign of a serious infection, so be sure to visit your gynecologist as soon as possible. If your vaginal health is good, though, then you have nothing to worry about. Every woman’s vagina has its signature smell, so stop ruining yours by using scented douches, deodorant tampons, and feminine hygiene sprays.

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If your vagina does not look perfectly, you are not abnormal. We are all different, so are our vaginas. Knowing the vagina facts mentioned above is essential to know your down-there area, keep it healthy, and boost your intimacy. How well do you know your V-zone?