The Voice of a Global Citizen That Really Matters

Let me tell you that a global citizen is not first. A global citizen does not put emphasis on stateliness and interstate highways. There is no discrimination between countries, no hatred in our hearts.

A global citizen understands that humans are the same wherever they go; and because of this, we also know that every man, woman, and child deserves love and understanding. As a global citizen, I feel the need to raise the volume of my voice and shout, unapologetically, about the current climate of this planet.

Weather is not the sole province of climate. The political climate, metaphorical climate, and the climate of every room are changing too. The pattern of worsening weather, like stronger hurricanes and extreme drought, is disconcerting to a global citizen.

Throughout the world, I see nothing but devastation. Mother Nature has been giving us subtle clues for years, and yet the vast majority of humans continue to dismiss the strange weather patterns as nothing but alarmist propaganda. Those who are more fortunate than most do not understand the dangers.

Out in the world, people are dying. No surprise, I know. When did it not become a shock? When did astonishment somehow drift away from the unjustifiable attacks on other humans to something much less important – like a new cell phone? To a global citizen, every death is akin to losing another brother and sister. We watch the news and ask, “Couldn’t something have been done?”

Every one of us has the power to do something

When did humanity become so disconnected that we fret over things like birthplace and skin color? Regardless of what religion you believe or do not believe in, none of us have the right to judge someone else because of their appearance.

Global citizens make friends and family with every person they meet when they travel. Every person loves a handshake, a smile, and good conversation. Sometimes we do not understand one another because of a language barrier, but everyone knows what it means to laugh and nod.

All humans share the same emotions

Global citizens hear the cries of outrage about the politicians rising to or already in power. I share the same anger. How can demagogues and rabble-rousers be this popular? How can people be so blind? I see history repeating itself as the whispers of elders who survived terrible circumstances like Auschwitz and atomic bombs echoes in my ears. I tremble with the uncertainty for tomorrow. Not just for one location, but for the entire world.

I am a global citizen, someone not bound by the roots of a hometown. I am a global citizen who as asking you to see the world for what it truly is: Our one and only home. Look beyond the TV and smartphone screen, past the white picket fencing, over the roofs of the houses and through the skyscrapers to the sky. Someone somewhere else is doing the same thing.

The same sky. The same stars. We all see them at different times, but we exist beneath the same night.

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We must pull through the darkness together

Although for some people the idea might be controversial and seemingly impossible, there is one solution I can offer that I know will work. Abandon hatred. Abandon blame. Most importantly, abandon ego.

You are welcome to be everything that makes you the splendid creation you are. But that is only possible when you stop limiting yourself as a political pawn or techno-zombie. Do one act of kindness instead of proliferating the astounding hate humanity is smothering ourselves with.

Just one act

Through my travels, I am proud to say that more and more people are awakening to the potential of life. The nomads, the wanderers, and the questioners are breaking the barriers. Humans are weaving connections with selfless actions, not just with the Internet.

Volunteers are proving that it does not matter how you help as long as you are there to show compassion for another human. We do not just need Doctors Without Borders, we need Humans Without Borders.

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The security of the future is at stake. We can’t afford to ignore one another any longer. We need to rise up as a unified force and oust that which is poisoning humanity with anger and unscrupulous deeds.

Together, we can do miraculous things. All you need to do is one simple act of kindness today for someone you don’t know. One step in the right direction leads to another, after all.