7 Ways to Contribute to Animal Welfare Without Spending a Dime

Oct 26, 2022

Animals are living creatures and most of us often forget about it. Although they can’t speak our language, they can understand us and they often suffer from human cruelty. Just because people are stronger doesn’t mean they have the right to abuse animals. These little (or big) creatures can’t help themselves at times so they need you to help them. You don’t have to spend money, though. Here are a few ways you can contribute to animal welfare without spending a dime.

1 Volunteer at your local animal shelter

If you can’t donate to animal shelters, you can visit a local animal shelter and offer your help. You don’t have to have any special skills to help animals. You can do the simplest things such as feeding animals, taking dogs for walk, cleaning up cages, or participating in fundraising.

2 Report any form of animal abuse

If you know someone who hits their pets to death or doesn’t feed them for weeks, report abuse. No one has the right to abuse animals and leave them in hungry, pain, and sick. Don’t keep silent. Let others know how that person treats animals. This way, you may save the lives of those poor animals. My neighbor doesn’t feed his dog and cat well so I try to feed his pets secretly to save them from death.

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3 Stop buying items that contain animal products

Break a habit of buying things that contain animal products. Many beauty products, especially face creams, lotions and lipsticks, contain animal products so be sure you don’t buy them. When buying clothes, look for cruelty-free brands and avoid anything that includes leather, silk, fur, and wool.

4 Switch to a plant-based diet

While a steak sounds and looks delicious, think of how one animal was killed so that you can eat that steak. Nowadays most people know the shocking truths of factory farming, but they think it should be this way or they are too selfish to think of animal life. I see many people abusing stray animals, and even pigeons – the God’s birds, and wonder how humans can be so cruel. Switching to a plant-based diet is one of the easiest ways to reduce the demand for animal products and contribute to animal welfare.

5 Feed stray animals and birds

You don’t need to buy expensive and delicious foods for stray animals – they will be thankful for a piece of bread. If you see a stray dog, don’t be afraid of him. Give him something to eat and he will be thankful to you for it. When you have some bread crumbs at home, don’t throw them away. Give them to birds instead.

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6 Volunteer for animal organizations

The Humane Society, PETA, Hope for Paws are Mercy for Animals are some of the most popular animal organizations that always need volunteers. If you don’t have any animal organization in your city, consider helping them through social media. If you have an opportunity to volunteer in person, do it whenever possible.

7 Zoos and circuses are not fun for animals

If I could I forbade all those zoos and circuses. Animals in zoos and circuses are often beaten, abused and tortured just for profit. Animals live in cages, suffer from hunger and cold and no one cares about them. Simply imagine yourself living this way and you will realize zoos and circuses are not as fun as people think.

Animals deserve to live their lives free from abuse, pain and suffering. Animals are sensitive, emotional, and intelligent. They are living creatures that need our help. Don’t neglect them. It’s also important that you teach your children to be kind to animals. Volunteer at animal shelters together or simply feed pigeons together. You don’t need to be rich to contribute to animal welfare. Are you going to follow any of these tips?